Monday, March 30, 2009

The title has nothing to do with the has been cancelled once again due to a blizzard.

It must always happen this way. As soon as I don't write anything good in my blog for over a week, someone goes and points people right on over here. And that, my dears, is where the panic starts to set in.

So, to those of you that are new here...instead of using this post to decide how witty and entertaining I am, read a few of my more classic posts. Go ahead. Just play around in my archives for a bit. You know you want to. Everyone is looking for a way to waste time. Especially when the boss isn't looking or you are like me and just want a glimpse into other people's everyday lives. My archives are entertaining...well, I think they are. I mean there was that time I ranted about the color of the tampon applicator. Oh, and that time I told you about my sister starting her period. Are all of my posts about a woman's "monthly gift"? Holy cow! I hope not. Oh, here's one about the cops coming to get us. Okay so maybe they're not that entertaining. Maybe you should just skip the archives. How about you just read my 100 Things About Me List? Oh, um. Maybe that isn't a good idea either. I might come across as a tad bit insane and most definitely quirky and if you don't like quirky, you won't like me.

Why do I care if you like me? Aren't we all spouting off at the mouth that we should be ourselves and it doesn't matter if people like us or not? Well, grrrrr. I care. I mean, I like it when you internet peoples read what I have to write (or rant) about because I feel like it connects us. Yep. A connection right out of thin air.

So, I am now pretty sure that I am rambling and even more sure that you are hating me more and more each and every second that you continue to read. You new peoples anyway.

Those of you that have been here awhile...thanks for liking me. :) Even when I ramble. And suck.

And for those of you that read Michelle's post...I did win a prize once. An orginal drawing done by her called "Take it Easy, Girlfriend". It's going on my new office wall (when we get it finished!) because it is just brilliant! And leave her a comment, okay? She's pretty cool. And her Mommy Blogger Monday's have given me some good reads in the past, so stay tuned for next week's installment.

For those of you who are sitting at your computer saying, "It's Monday. How do I make this day more manageable?", I have a tip for you.

Do not under any circumstances watch this movie...

The original movie came out in 1987 and included the action stylings of the Corey's (you know, Corey Feldman and Corey Haim. Remember those hotties?). That was a great movie. The sequel? Not so much. Not even a little bit. In fact, the only good part about it was the return of the original song that made the first movie so eerie. And I have to tell you, as if you didn't already know...Corey Feldman's career as an actor is official dead. Talk about overacting! Holy cripes! The original Edgar Frog didn't deliver this time. Hubby said that he hadn't seen a movie that cheesy in a very long time. Bad, people, just plain bad.

So if you are looking for a way to relax on this Monday, renting this movie is definitely not it. You can, however, picture me sitting in this cold house with a raging blizzard out my door and the kids whining about being bored (they've only been up for an hour and a half!!!) hungry and shivering while typing out a blog post for you. The look around you and say to yourself "This Monday is more manageable because I am not in the midst of a blizzard!" And if you are in the midst of a blizzard like me...I wish you could have gotten snowed in here! I could use some adult conversation. :)


Lora said...

I like quirky.

I love you.

Kirsten said...

Hi. I'm new. Just wanted to introduce myself. And I like quirky too. Sorry about your neverending supply of snow. That sucks.

Lady K said...

YOU ROCK!!! :) Great Interview! I LOVED LOVED LOVED your answers!