Tuesday, July 1, 2008

List Making Tuesday, Once Again!!!

Time for some more introspection on my second ever List Making Tuesday. So without further adieu (that is totally not a word that I really know how to spell!)...here is the rest of the list!

49. I love to write but can only do so when thoroughly inspired. Most of my writing never sees the light of day, so to speak, as I type it to release the characters and storyline from my being and then delete it before anyone gets the chance to read it out of fear that someone won't understand the thoughts and perspectives that I have written down.

48. I am terrified to let people read my writing...but I want everyone I know to read (and love) everything that I have ever written because my writing tells so much about me as a person and I feel like they would know me better if they just read it. Most of my writing is romance stories.

47. I am a huge Disney fan. I love everything Disney...the movies, the collectibles, the guy himself (I think he was a mega-genius). When we went to DisneyWorld at the beginning of this year, I was more excited than my kids about the entire experience and I am the one that is dying to go back so that I can just experience more of the magic. I enjoy all of the fairy tale magic that Disney has to offer.

46. I have a problem committing fully to anything. I have collected a bounty of different objects over the years (stamps, teddy bears, butterflies) but nothing ever stuck longer than a little while. I start projects (cross-stitch masterpiece for my mom's bathroom, mural in my daughter's room, quilt for my husband for our anniversary) and I never get around to finishing them. I just have an issue with staying on until the end of something.

45. I hate it when I check my e-mail or my mailbox and there is nothing there for me. I feel unloved and unwanted and like I am not important to anyone. I would love it if my dear hubby were one of those guys that had to work on the computer at work and would send me e-mails during the day. I love to get little notices that I am being thought about...it's romantic and makes me feel like I am special and worthy.

44. My work ethic is lacking sorely. I do what needs to be done but I am the first to admit that I cut corners and shirk my duties as often as possible. If left to my own devices, I get nothing done because I am not a self-starting go-getter. I am a woman who needs to be told what to do, when to do it and how it should be done.

43. I hate to work outside. Gardening, mowing, weeding, watering..hell just sitting outside drives me nuts. I much prefer the indoors to the outdoors. I have, however, had my share of time in the great outdoors. I used to irrigate alfalfa fields, take care of a one acre garden, build and fix fences, and clean out barns and out buildings. That's probably why I hate it so much.

42. I adore Pontiac vehicles. I used to just like whatever my current boyfriend liked when it came to vehicles but when I went out to buy my very first car (the first one that I paid for by myself) was a Pontiac Sunbird and the beginning of my obsession. I had my whole life mapped out in what type of Pontiac I would own. That track was veered off from when we bought a Bonneville from my in-laws but I still own the Pontiacs!

41. My dream vehicle is a brand new Pontiac Solstice. That is the sexiest car on the planet and I can't wait until I get the chance to own one!!! I also have a fantasy involving the hood of just such a car.

40. I totalled the very first vehicle I drove after I got my driver's license! The vehicle was a VW Van (the kind with the sink behind the passenger seat). I was going through a very rutty road and panicked, hit the gas instead of the break and ended up at the end of the gravel road (that teed off into a paved road) in a deep pothole. The impact caused the frame of the van to bend rendering it useless any longer. Had my sister and I not been wearing our seatbelts, we would have literally ate pavement and probably not lived to tell the tale.

39. I have also taken the side mirror off a farm truck trying to back it through a gate, ran the front end of a classic Chevelle Malibu into a wooden fence, fell out of a moving pick-up while going around a corner and been pulled over for going too slow in the left hand lane while driving a "hoopty-mobile". I don't have the best of luck with vehicles. Marrying a mechanic has always been in the cards for me. :)

38. I have a scar on my knee from the road rash that I got when I fell out of the pick-up. The pick-up was a brown chevy, I think and the street was a busy one in Northglenn, Colorado. I could take you straight to it even today although I was pretty young when it happened. The scar is whitish and never tans. I am self conscious of it most of the time.

37. I also have a scar on my knee (not sure if it is the same knee or the other one, I would have to look) that "smiles". I fell off of the swingset in my backyard when I was little and caught my knee on one of the bolts that held the swingset together. The scar is in the shape of a smiley face and is white as can be. I am self conscious of it, too. I don't ever wear shorts.

36. The only other scar that I have is on the index finger of my right hand. It goes from my fingernail 3/4 of the way down to my knuckle and it causes my nail to grow weird. There is a smaller line on the underside of my finger as well. It happened when I was bit by a German Shepard dog at a friend's house when I was young. I was trying to pet it's nose through a fence. German Shepard's are still my favorite breed of dog.

35. I wrote a short story once for a school geneaology project that was in the point-of-view of my uncle's old dog. The assignment was to tell the story of an ancestor using someone else's point of view. I got an A+ on the paper. I was so proud that I sat in front of my entire extended family at a family reunion and read it aloud in a weird accent. I was nervous but really proud of myself. It's on video somewhere. It was probably the best piece of fiction that I have ever written.

I was going to finish off the list today but I have things that need to be done for my trip tomorrow. So this will have to do for now. Watch for some more next Tuesday!!! Enjoy your little things today!


Anonymous said...

I love number 35. That is hilarious!

Kris Covell said...

I so wanna find and see that video lol!!! I was really looking forward to a longer list...but I hope you enjoy your trip. Luv Ya Cuz.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see that video!!!

w_eixenberger said...

I would have to agree with #45.