Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Rants and Raves…

It’s Friday.  The Friday before a busy whirlwind weekend of work and play.  The Friday before I go back to being the mother of two instead of four.  *sigh*

I only have two words for you now…Thank Goodness.

The last four weeks have been filled with reminder upon reminder as to why I stopped at two children instead of continuing on to have a big family.  Two kids…one for each parent, one for each hand, one for each side of my overused and underpaid brain.  That is enough for me.  I was not and am not cut out to be the parent of more than my two little devils angels.

Of this, I am absolutely certain.  NO MORE CHILDREN IN MY FUTURE!!

And to clear my head and get my readers up to date on the life that disappeared over the past few months, here is my rundown of Friday Rants and Raves. 

RANT…Mother Nature has decided to go from blessing us with blizzard upon blizzard to bestowing upon us the gift of immense heat.  Boob sweat is not pretty, folks.  Not pretty at all. 

RAVE…we have a fun filled Sunday planned (if Mother Nature decides to cooperate with the weather) of climbing in a maze of rocks and stomping through a creek.  It should be a blast with all of the people that are cited to join us.  And there will be cupcakes.  Everyone knows that cupcakes are a reason to rave, right? 

RANT…my basement remodel project has taken exceptionally longer than it was supposed to.  Well meaning offers of help have not materialized into actual labor and although I understand the immense busy-ness of everyone’s lives, I am about ready to tear my hair out and announce that we are just moving as it would be easier (and faster) to complete.

RAVE…I board a plane bound for Germany in 26 days!!!  Does this need any more explanation?

RANT…I board a plane bound for Germany in 26 days!!!  Only 26!!!  How the hello will I get everything done and everything packed in that short amount of time!!!

RANT…The A/C just blew a breaker.  *sigh*

RAVE…I fixed it myself---without calling or texting the hubby!!!

RANT…I thought a household of four had mountains of laundry to high to scale but a household of six has turned those mountains into the Himalayas of Laundry!  I could do six loads a day and still not dent the piles of clothes.

RAVE…getting back into the swing of blogging seems to be easier than I thought since this post just came together beneath my fingertips.  Will I be back tomorrow?  Any one want to lay odds on that?  Yeah.  I wouldn’t either.  :)

Enjoy your weekend, readers!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

On and on and on...about nothing.

I know. It's been a while. I can't really explain my absence except for to say that I just wasn't into it. Blogging, I mean. I just wasn't into blogging. A lot has been happening and instead of coming on here and bitching and moaning about the bad luck in my life, I just quit blogging all together. I haven't even read blogs. I have juist been out of touch completely in the Blogoshpere and, well, I'm not really sorry about it, I guess.

But I suppose I am back. Sitting at the library on thier public computer when I have a perfectly great laptop of my own at home. Using the keys that have been touched by every Tom, Dick and Henrietta in this town, just knowing that I will be getting some sort of virus from this experience. And why? Well, because my kids are in Story Hour and I didn't feel like sitting around reading a book at the moment. Although, I will have to such in just a few short minutes because there is a time limit on public computers, ya know. Half an hour. No longer unless they aren't busy. Then I can have an hour but that is the maximum per day. One hour.

Do you know that I would just about die with only one hour of internet or computer time a day? I really would. I have filled my days since my hours changed by using the internet and my laptop to watch "Brothers and Sisters". I am up to season 3 and am almost done with that. What a great show. I keep wishing that my family were like that. Way too much drama but the complete honesty and constant family dinners would be wonderful. :)

So, I am completely rambling on about nothing at all. I have nothing to say really. Just wanted to get back on and write a post since I have not been here in goodness knows how long. I am hoping to get back into the swing of this blogging thing. It has been great therapy in the past and although I don't necessarily need therapy right now, I could use an outlet once in a while.