Wednesday, June 10, 2009

On and on and on...about nothing.

I know. It's been a while. I can't really explain my absence except for to say that I just wasn't into it. Blogging, I mean. I just wasn't into blogging. A lot has been happening and instead of coming on here and bitching and moaning about the bad luck in my life, I just quit blogging all together. I haven't even read blogs. I have juist been out of touch completely in the Blogoshpere and, well, I'm not really sorry about it, I guess.

But I suppose I am back. Sitting at the library on thier public computer when I have a perfectly great laptop of my own at home. Using the keys that have been touched by every Tom, Dick and Henrietta in this town, just knowing that I will be getting some sort of virus from this experience. And why? Well, because my kids are in Story Hour and I didn't feel like sitting around reading a book at the moment. Although, I will have to such in just a few short minutes because there is a time limit on public computers, ya know. Half an hour. No longer unless they aren't busy. Then I can have an hour but that is the maximum per day. One hour.

Do you know that I would just about die with only one hour of internet or computer time a day? I really would. I have filled my days since my hours changed by using the internet and my laptop to watch "Brothers and Sisters". I am up to season 3 and am almost done with that. What a great show. I keep wishing that my family were like that. Way too much drama but the complete honesty and constant family dinners would be wonderful. :)

So, I am completely rambling on about nothing at all. I have nothing to say really. Just wanted to get back on and write a post since I have not been here in goodness knows how long. I am hoping to get back into the swing of this blogging thing. It has been great therapy in the past and although I don't necessarily need therapy right now, I could use an outlet once in a while.

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Lora said...

well I'm glad to see you're still breathing, if nothing else!
I was going to give you a few more days before sending you an email to be sure everything was okay!

Good for you in taking a break from the madness!