Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Continuing the Countdown to #1...

Here I am.  Finally getting back to my 100 list.  I know it's been a while but talking about me gets exhausting!  Anyway, here goes.  Let's hope I finish it this time!

34.  I hate the heat.  Seriously, I cannot stand being hot and sweaty no matter what activity made me that way.  Sweat is not attractive in the least.  Especially not on me.  I prefer a nice light breeze and 70 degree weather with the sun behind a cloud. 

33.  I sunburn extremely easily.  I am whiter than white for 9 months out of the year and then when summer comes around I go from white skin to a red burn and then I peel and I'm white again.  Never has my body had a nice even tan...just white or red.  And because I can't stand to put on sunscreen, that is what I live through every summer.

32.  My favorite time of year is in the fall when the leaves are turning colors and the sky is full of fluffy clouds and the world seems to be quieting down.  There is a calmness about the fall that wraps my soul in a blanket of warmth and homey-ness after a summer filled with noise and commotion. 

31.  My favorite place in the world is a place called Spearfish Canyon in the fall.  I love to see the orange and yellow hues amongst the evergreens while driving through the canyon.  I rarely get time to make the drive anymore because life seems so busy.

30.  My exact favorite spot to stop on that drive is at the Bridal Veil Falls turnoff.  There is no beauty greater than that of a waterfall.  I have had many good times at, around, and on top of that specific waterfall that I will always cherish. 

29.  My favorite holiday is Valentine's Day.  I am obsessed with hearts and love and happily ever after and I adore all the little homemade valentines that people used to give out (I still do on occasion). 

28.  My least favorite holiday is my birthday because it never lives up to my expectations.  In my heart, I expect people to care that it is my special day and inevitably I am let down by presents purchased without any thought or no surprises.  I just want a day that reflects who I am.

27.  I was proposed to by my husband on Valentine's Day (he surely got it right although he probably did it just to remember the date!).  We waited until after my birthday to have the actual ceremony because we both wanted to be 21 so that we could legally have alcohol at the wedding. 

26.  Typically, a person whose parents are divorced is cynical about marriage and reluctant to get married.  I believe I was the opposite.  Seeing my mother go through several divorces made me want to get married to prove to myself that happily ever after existed if you picked the right person to share it with.  However, it also put the idea in my mind that marriage is not a forever thing.  It can be if the love is there for always but it doesn't have to be.  Marriage is an honor...not a sentence. 

25.  I kind of have a princess complex.  Not that I am a princess but I believe in the princess way of life.  The Happily Ever After, Knight in Shining Armor rescue me kind of love.  And as long as he lets me slay my own dragons once in a while, we can be pretty happy.

24.  I love Medieval things...castles, dragons, princess, knights...they all speak to my heart.  I was even once a part of a group of re-creators of all things medieval.  I watched guys in armor beat the crap out of each other with swords and shields and bowed to the Queen and King as I salivated over the chivalry that was present in everyone.  It was great.

23.  I love chivalry and wish that is wasn't pretty much dead.  The old habits of opening doors and standing when a lady left the table have the ability to melt my heart in moments.  I can be swept off my feet with small acts of kindness and chivalry...until reality takes hold and I come crashing down to earth once again.

22.  I really am all about the little things.  It's not just hype with me.  I would prefer a short note here and there to a grand gesture of affection, a small thoughtful token to an expensive piece of jewelry.  It's not that I don't like the big stuff.  It's just that I remember the small details that were special at the time and forget the occasion on which it happened. 

21.  My favorite soda is Coca-Cola and always will be no matter how many e-mails I receive saying that it can take the corrosion off of my car battery. 

20.  I like the burning sensation of drinking a Coke so much that I do a unintentional head tilt to the left every time I drink it.  I didn't notice until Dear Hubby pointed it out.  I have also written a story about the feeling of drinking a Coke after having no pop for several days in a row.  It was pretty good.

19.  I moved from the big city life of Denver, Colorado to a small farm the summer before I was in the 8th grade.  It was a difficult experience that I wouldn't trade for anything because I learned a lot and became a more well-rounded person. 

18.  The only part I liked about farm life was caring for the animals.  The hard work part was never my forte.  Every once in a while I miss having the peace and quiet of that farm and the animals to share my time with.

17.  Anytime I start to miss it, I think of the two dogs I have at home that never get enough attention and wonder what the hell I was thinking wanting to go back to 100 bottle-fed bum lambs.

16.  My mom, lil sis and I used to rent movies and watch them at the end of the day when the work was all done.  We would huddle around an orange ottoman and eat smoked oysters on Ritz crackers and popcorn and it was the best bonding time we ever had.

15.  On Friday nights when we lived in Colorado, we would go to an all-you-can-eat crab leg buffet for dinner.  We used to stuff ourselves full of crab legs for what I thought was an unbelievably low price and enjoy dinner as a family. 

14.  I still to this day eat smoked oysters and crab legs and only like them because of the memories they produce when I smell them.  They take me back to a happy time in a childhood where most of my memories are less than stellar. 

13.  I have always looked up to my big brother.  Even though his life has not always been the kind that legends are made of, I always wanted to be just like him.  He moved away to live with his dad when I was young and I hated it.  I used to sing "You Are My Sunshine" and wish I could have my sunshine back in the same house as me.

12.  I don't remember a time when all four of my siblings and I lived in the same house together.  I have been told that we did but I don't remember it.  In fact, for most of my life, my siblings have lived across the state if not farther away from me.  That makes it hard for me to keep up a close relationship.

11.  I love the rare holiday when all of my siblings and I can be together.  It has only happened a few times since childhood but I had the opportunity to not only be with my whole family one Christmas but host the party in my own home.  I felt immense pride (and stress) because I was officially an adult.

10.  I don't tolerate childish or immature people very well, especially if that person has a child themselves.  I believe that a person should grow up and act like an adult the second they become a parent and always put the child's needs before their own.  I hate it to my core when people buy things for themselves before buying their kids needed food or clothing. 

9.  I also don't like "man humor".  The stupid shit that is only funny to guys.  The stuff that most comedians base their whole acts upon.  Laughing at a guy getting kicked in the nads is not my idea of humor.  Laughing at farting and burping is not my idea of humor.  I do not like stupid humor that most guys would laugh at.

8.  I don't laugh very easily.  Comedians don't usually tickle my funny bone.  I have only come across a few that do.  I prefer my tv shows to be more drama filled than comedy and even if they are comedy, you won't find me laughing at it very often.

7.  I enjoy the TV shows about high school or college kids (like 90210, the O.C., and Dawson's Creek) as much as I like shows about people around my own age (One Tree Hill, Army Wives).  I like the drama because it mostly reflects true life possibilities and I like knowing that I am not the only one in the world that has lived through certain circumstances. 

6.  I like reality tv.  I know it's stupid but I enjoy watching the game shows like "Don't Forget the Lyrics" and "American Idol" as well as the adventure shows like "Survivor" and "Great Race".  I always root for the underdog!

5.  I watch too much television...especially now that I have a DVR.  I tape all the shows I think I may want to watch as well as the movies on Lifetime and the Disney channel that I haven't already seen and I sit down to watch them after the kids go to bed.  I have a tendency to get sucked in and stay up way too late.

4.  For non-tv related entertainment, I enjoy playing games on the computer (though I get bored fast) and board games with family and friends.  I could play board games with a group of people almost every day and not get sick of it.

3.  My favorite board game is Monopoly...no one ever plays it with me.

2.  I am super excited that I am at the bottom of this list finally.

1.  If I really tried, I could come up with several hundred more facts about myself...but for now I am done.  :)


Kris Covell said...

Holy Crap, if you only knew how much this particular cousin had in common with you!! You made me wanna go for a scenic fall drive in the hills (which I've never gotten to do) followed by all you can eat crab legs and a good game of monopoly with movies and ritz crackers with smoked oysters!!!

And thank you so much for saying that marriage is an honor not a sentence...that was something I totally needed to hear! I wish I could be there for rally but I gotta work my new job, apparently they think the people headed your way may wanna eat something lol.

tanya said...

Congratulations! You're probably the only one who will finish her list of 100!