Friday, August 1, 2008

Calling Lucky...

This has been the longest week in the history of longest weeks (so far in life) and I am just exhausted...physically and mentally. Although, I really am not in the mood to sit here and write out a whole bitchy diatribe of what my week has entailed. My family and I will be headed across the state this weekend where we plan to partake in a little boating type fun with my siblings and then Dear Hubby and I will leave without the children. I have next week off work and so I am taking a little home-bound vacation. I plan to do some cleaning and organizing that never gets done when the kiddo's are around and just laze around a bit. I hope to finish reading my book and maybe start and finish another. But most of all, I hope for a vacation from my own mind. A sabbatical from the things that invade my mind on a daily basis and don't allow me to get anything constuctive done.

So, I am throwing this hope out there in the hope that...I don't know. I guess just to put it out in the universe.

I would like for that little leprechaun on the ceral box to decide my thoughts are all "magically delicious" and eat them all up, never to cross the wrinkles of my brain again. That is what I want forget that this week ever happened. If any of you know Lucky personally, please give him my number. Thanks.

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Tanya said...

Someone I knew called it following the rabbit trail - letting all those thoughts that invade our minds drag us off to wherever. We have more control than we know. When the thoughts you don't want come to mind, you don't have to think them. You can tell them to stop. This is easier said than done, but sometimes a simple, audible "shut up" works wonders as a distraction!