Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend of Interestabilities...

Yeah, I know. That is soooo not a word but I couldn't come up with anything else to describe the weekend that I had, so that's the word you get. Deal with it.

What was so interesting about my weekend? Well from needles to hookahs, watching television to defying the laws of gravity, my weekend was full of the fanciful, the weird and the extreme. But it's my life...and I love every minute of it.

I started out my Friday evening by getting a tattoo. What? Didn't you? No. Well, too bad for you because although it hurt like hell and I was freaked out by a friends comment that I was going to die of blood loss while getting it, it turned out awesome. Wanna see?after a few days

Sweet, huh? Yeah, I know.

After that, Dear Hubby and I had a date night. Kinda. We went to see the band that Lady K is in (Marav) perform at the grand opening of a Hookah Lounge. Great music, hookahs near and far, and belly that is a Friday night, for sure.

belly dancer coinshookah genieMaravs baskets

Belly Dancer coins, Hookah Genies,
and Tips for the Band. Oh my!

By the time we got home from the hookah lounge it was really late and I wasn't able to sleep on my back because of the tattoo, so it wasn't a very comfortable night. My body seemed to rebel at the thought of permanent ink upon it and tried to shut down completely. Which meant that I spent all of Saturday laying on the couch watching television and trying to relax my body.

Sunday brought about some interesting fun. It started with me making breakfast for my family. My comfort food. The breakfast that my mommy used to make me all the time. It involves very little in terms of effort to make but a lot of family interaction. making breakfast pop overs

Pop-Overs. 7 ingredients, drop them into hot oil (feel the calories piling on just thinking about it?), dip them in syrup and/or powdered sugar and enjoy your breakfast. There is one rule though. You see those fluffy, brown weird little things on the plate? You have to decide what the heck it is...before you can eat it. Does it look like a dog with three legs? An airplane from a cartoon show? A alien from outer space? You have to show and tell people. That's the rule.

After the family fun that was breakfast, we rearranged the living room while the kids played some sort of shoot em up game around the furniture. And much to my surprise I found this...teddy bear in trouble

I guess he was in trouble for hitting Teensy! Poor Teddy!

Having had enough of the house, we headed on out the door to defy some laws of gravity and challenge our minds.

P1030264 P1030263

See this? This is Dear Hubby and I standing on the walls of a small cabin, leaning really far forward...and NOT FALLING ON OUR FACES! The weirdest part...if we leaned back, we were slammed into that corner like the gravity was coming from there and not the floor!!! It was trippy! And a lot of fun. Plus, I did my good deed of the day. Our discounted pass was for four adults so we paid for the two college girls in line behind us who had just come from Bandimere Speedway in Denver. Saved them a whopping $18.00...and they even said thank you. Hope they had fun like we did and that they got home safe and sound. :)

And that was about all the fun I could handle for one weekend. Well after we hit Menards and WalMart for some household things we needed and then dealt with tired, hungry fighting children all the way back to the house. We got home and grilled up some shish-ke-bobs that were pretty amazing and ended the night with some tramp jumping (not me, I was afraid my back would get hit and that would hurt a bit) and we tucked the kids in to bed.

What a long and interesting weekend. *sigh* Too bad it has to be followed by a Monday. Yuck!

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Kris Covell said...

what a great weekend!!!