Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Operation Girls Care: Update...

My original idea has exploded!  The Girls were going to send three care packages to Soldiers stationed in Iraq but that didn't happen.

Word has spread and our mission has been adopted by others.  The total count now is 9 large care packages and 3 small ones.  That is twelve soldiers that will receive a surprise gift this Christmas.  Some love in a box.  A little extra courage to get through this holiday season in the sweltering desert. 

Wanna know a bit about the soldiers we are sending our thanks to?  Here they are...(in list form since it is List Making Tuesday!)

My boss and her two granddaughters put together Care Packages for the following two soldiers:

  • MSG Gerald was born and raised in South Dakota and is a member of the Army Reserves.  He was a high school principal and now uses his talents as a  volunteer with the Iraqi Boy Scouts.
  • SGT Shannon is from South Dakota as well and has her family here.  She volunteers her free time in Iraq with the Girl Scout organization there.

My mom and some of her fellow co-workers at the Post Office have offered to fill Care Packages and send them to these individuals:

  • Major Sina works midnight to 1100 and rarely takes time for herself.  She is a dedicated Army Soldier.
  • Mac is a friend of my little sister's.  He is in the Army and has a fiance waiting for him to come home. 
  • Major Jennifer is the amazing Air Force soldier who sent me all these names.  She paid close attention to the soldiers that needed a little something extra and is therefore an integral part in this process and deserves some care herself.

The Girl Scouts put together Care Packages for the following Soldiers:

  • AK1 Randal is a born and raised Navy Sailor who is volunteering with the Iraqi Boy Scouts.
  • Major William has a broken foot and has received very few letters from home.  He spends most of his time at a desk because crutches limit his movement in the sand, gravel and rocks of the Iraq terrain. 
  • LT Laura is often found caring for others and rarely focuses on herself. 
  • Major Josie is my best friend and she deserves a care package just because.  But really she is an Adult Girl Scout who has won the Woman of Distinction Award and is a volunteer with the Iraqi Girl Scouts, as well. 
  • SGT Joesph, SPC James, and PFC Todd are all getting smaller versions of our Care Packages.  All three of them are young Army Soldiers that sit and verify that all personnel entering a Top Secret area have the correct badge displayed and they rarely get acknowledged.


So that is them.  The Soldiers that will be receiving letters, food, fun stuff, snowflakes and pictures picked out by my 15 little girls (aged 6 to 8 years).  What a wonderful task.  :)

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New York City's Watchdog said...

That's awesome! I'm sure it will be greatly appreciated. Great job!