Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Realization blowing in...

I realized something today. 

I have a newly formed habit that stems from an old fear.

Sirens started blaring outside my office this morning.  I didn't get up from my desk to see what they were because I just assumed the worst and my immediate reaction text this to my hubby...

Lots of sirens...u alive n well?

This isn't the first time I have done this in the past several months.  It seems that sirens have begun to freak me out.  Accidents, fires, anything requiring emergency all sends chills up my spine and has me reaching for my phone to make sure Dear Hubby is okay and in no way involved.  There is a general assumption that the kids are okay if they are with me or in school but Hubby is a different story.  I never know.  What if he was out on a test drive and the brakes on the car failed?  What if he was working under the hood and a battery exploded in his face?  (That one is a real happened once!...and the reason we got supplemental insurance!)  It just scares me to think that he could be next.  He could be in that car on the interstate that just drove right off the road without hitting the brakes, jumped over a culvert and landed on the other side.  He could have been the one.  Or could be the one, I mean. 

You just never know. 

I am thankful for text messaging and the ability to know right away if my love is safe. 

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