Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The beginning of my glory...

Getting ready for school in my household seems to be a slow and very tedious process filled with "Why aren't you dressed yet?" and "Geeze, Louise, Hurry up already!".  This morning was no different in the fact that homework from yesterday was still not completed (due to a late evening of Girl Scouts), shoes were not on the feet, and every light in the house was still blazing at 7:45 am, less than 5 minutes before we had to leave the house. 

In lieu of sitting Teensy down to read her small 8 page book and thusly making everyone late for school, I tossed the book at dear Hubby and told Teensy that Daddy would just read it to her this morning and signed the homework slip to prove it's completion.  Dear Hubby began reading the first page and Teensy burst out with a common declaration, "I NEED TO TELL MOMMY SOMETHING!".

She then came bursting through the kitchen, stopped just short of slamming into me, looks up into my eyes with innocence shining through her 6 year-old face and said, "Trevor says you're hot," in a matter-of-fact, you-must-know, tone of voice.

I was completely floored!  I could not speak, I could not smile, I could not respond except for to glance up at my husband who wasn't even trying to cover his laughter. 

I knew this day would come.  The beginning of my MILF glory (because I am so amazingly smokin' and all), but...


Am I wrong?  Shouldn't a 6 year old be thinking about toys and Christmas right about now and not about how "hot" he thinks someone's mother is?  And the worst thing...Trevor is the little boy that my daughter has been crushing on since preschool!  The little boy that I have recently been convinced will be a part of my daughter's life for a long time to come considering the bond they seem to share right now.  And now?  Now I just want to shake that boy back into childhood, back into innocence. 

6 year old children should NOT think someone's mother is "hot"!

But, little man, when you become a teenager...feel free to rave about my "hotness" to your friends all you want.  Because then it will be appreciated. 

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Anonymous said...

but you are hot