Wednesday, December 10, 2008

...that brings up a humorous story...

I know there are those of you out there in the blogoshpere that hate those little survey thingies, but me...I'm NOT one of them.  However, in an effort to actually keep the couple of readers that I have interested in what I have to say, I have picked a few questions from a recent survey I found that made me come up with wonderfully witty answers and/or anecdotes and/or facts that you never cared to know about little ol' me.  I hope you enjoy!

Have you ever finished taking a shower and realized that there are no clean towels? Holy crap, who hasn't done that?  It seems to be a recurrent theme in my house and drying off my body with a little hand towel just does absolutely nothing for me!  Especially when I refuse to get dressed in a bathroom and am frequently found running through the house in nothing more than a towel.  Okay, strolling is probably better terminology here as I usually take my showers in the morning and I leisurely stroll through the kitchen to kiss the kids good morning on my way to get dressed in the bedroom.  They avert their little eyes when I end up having to use one of those "shrunken towels". 

Did you ever actually try to find the end of a rainbow? Yes.  I have spent a fair amount of time searching for the little leprechauns although my taste seems to run more towards guys with a little height to them.  But I must tell you, there is something about a little man all dressed in green that makes me say..."Hand over the money and no one will get hurt!".  Yep, folks.  I am all about the coinage right now.  These bills refuse to pay for themselves!

Are you afraid of jinxing things? I have an extremely active mind.  I have thought about everything in my life from every possible angle, bad and good.  The problem with that is it seems that if I think up a scenario...say that I am going walk into the grocery store and run into a long lost friend or that a faraway friend will call doesn't happen.  But the same is true of the bad.  If I think about getting into a car accident, it doesn't least on that day.  So, I try to go through life thinking about all the bad things so they won't happen and trying not to think about all the good things so they do have a chance of happening. 

If a guy put his jacket on a puddle for you, would you actually walk on it or just look at him like he was crazy?  I am a very traditional kind of girl...if by traditional you mean that I like guys to open doors and serenade me in the moonlight and not in the sense of the guy must do the asking out and take care of the check.  So if a guy were to be standing in front of me and throw down his jacket upon a puddle for me to walk across, yes, I would actually walk upon it.  If he weren't skeezy looking and leering at me with a fake come hither smile.  If he were at least mildly handsome in a princely way and looked as though he may actually be a nice guy and not a sleaze.  Of course, he would have to only be doing it because he thought I was a ravishing beauty and not because he wanted to get in my pants because well, I am married and all I am looking for is a way over the puddle that keeps my cute little shoesies dry.  Now...if my hubby wanted to pick me up and carry me over the threshold of that puddle, I would be all for it.  If I were several pounds lighter and if he didn't have a back problem...

You've reach a fork in the road, do you go left or right?  At a fork in the road, I always stand back and say to myself...  "Oh fuck!  Not again!  Who's going to direct me out of these woods this time?".  Really, people, I need an instruction manual for life.  One of these days I just might attempt to write one.  Oh, maybe not.  You would think that in the thousands of years that human have been around someone would have tried to write such a know a "Life Guide for Dummies".  So logical thinking has me wondering what happened to those souls that tried such a feat?  Were they struck down dead for giving away the unwritten rules of the game?  Did they get strung up with their head in a noose because they were accused of the witchcraft of more knowledge than their counterparts possessed?  On second thought...I don't think I will write that book.  

When things go from bad to worse, have you ever been afraid of what kind of person you would be when it was all over? I have always in the past been afraid of what type of person I was going to end up being.  The "apple not falling far from the tree" saying has always haunted me as I would definitely prefer to not turn out like my father.  However, I have found in life that the more trials and tribulations I survive, the better of a person I become.  I am a constantly changing individual that strives not for perfection but betterment of what I already am during the course of my life. 

Have you ever wanted to fast forward your life so you could see if it was worth it?  I don't need to fast forward my life to see if it was worth it.  It already is.  Nothing more need to be said on that. 

Have you ever gotten into car with a stranger?
Yes, I have.  It was 1998 and I got into a classic Blue Chevelle with three teenagers that I didn't know personally.  They drove me to a pool hall about 30 minutes away.  The night turned out to be amazing and the driver ended up being my husband 3 years later. 

Did the Kool-Aid guy scare you when you were little?   Seriously?  Have you seen those commercials?  A huge red pitcher with tiny arms and legs and a perma-smile?  What's not scary about that?  Yikes!

What was the last thing somebody wrote on you?  Funny you should ask.  :)  The last thing that was written on my was some smart ass remark upon  In permanent ink.  My husband thought he was being funny one night and inked up my ass, and my breast with comments too crude to put on this blog!

Did your imaginary friend disappear because somebody sat on them?  My imaginary friends names were Casper and Cheyenne and they were ghosts that lived in a tree house and made my sister and I fall on our butts every time we tried to kick a soccer ball.  They didn't disappear because someone sat on them (they weren't allowed in the house!) but they stayed in that tree when we moved to a new place.  :(  Sad.  I miss those little guys. 

And that, folks, was your installment of List Making (After) Tuesday for this week.  Hey!  It was kind of a list!  Enjoy your evening!

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