Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How many rings of hell are there again?

I spent my morning in the seventh ring of hell known to the common man as the Dentist's Office.

My re-done root canal was to be checked out today. They made me sit through the gag-inducing X-ray just to tell me that nothing has changed and they wouldn't be touching that tooth today.

But hey! While we have you in the chair, let's do the fillings on two of your other teeth, instead! Yippee!

Yippee my mother-fucking-ass. Really? Argh!

Two whole hours later, I drove to work with half of my mouth completely numb, my jaw in immense pain from the long periods of holding it open and my tongue hanging lazily past my lips.

As I walk into my office, the boss Man says, "Hi, how's it going?"

My standard reply of "Good" comes fumbling out of my mouth and I feel the need to follow it up with, "Don't mind the right side of my face. It's not working today."

Being the Physician's Assistant at a VA hospital that he is, his response is a witty, "If you were one of my patient's, I would be sending you down for an MRI after seeing that," and he walks off.

Hnh. Thanks. Ass. Like I didn't know I looked like the defective version of a Cewpie doll with my cheek all swollen and my eye sagging.

(And no. I did not take a picture of that one, because really folks, no one wants to see me post seventh hell wonderment...even for the laughs.)

Oh yeah! You aren't getting a List Making Tuesday entry today. Maybe tomorrow. I am feeling a bit sleepy and a little tingly from the vicodin I just slipped down my throat and therefore will be unable to coherently make a list worth reading. :)

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