Saturday, November 29, 2008

Talking to myself...

This idea of journaling, of keeping a blog, has been churning in my head forever. I am not big on talking to myself, you see. I much prefer talking, and writing,for the enjoyment of others. Not that anyone usually listens! To me journaling feels right. It gives me an outlet for some of the things that go on in my head so that I have room to better deal with the more important things that are stuck within those wrinkles.

I get to the point sometimes that my plate is so full of things to do and to think about that I just don't know where to start...and then I just don't. I take a seat and watch a Beverly Hills 90210 marathon on Soap Network and forget that things must be done, that I must be doing something. I sit and I wait. Until someone comes along and tells me where to start or takes something off my plate so that I am better able to deal with everything else.

When I started this journal, my expectations were realistic. I would write and eventually people would come to read. What if people didn't read my writing? I am okay with that too, but not nearly as much. I write to relieve myself...but if you read my writing in the process, I welcome you. I like that I have an outlet. I don't like that those of you that I know read, don't always have a comment (as if I leave many comments for you wither, I know!).

Since I have started this, I have spoken about it regularlly to Dear Hubby. I speak and he pretends with all his might to be listening and understand (just kidding...he usually pays attention even when I bore him immensely!). He doesn't read all that often. I am afraid that when he does or when others do, that they will take my words out of contesxt and it will cause drama in my life that is soooo not needed (I am already a Drama Attraction Queen) but my Hubby is still supportive. He has told me that I can write whatever I want and if someone takes it out of context, it isn't my fault. This blog is just a portion of my real life and anyone who takes it as all of the truth and all of any individual situation is sorely mistaken.

I have already gotten out of this blog what I expected to. It helps me to cope and to deal with life as it's thrown at me...and you, my dear readers, help me to process the good and the bad and be thankful for the little things in which I am given. Thank you.


Sandy Grason's "Journalution"...Try it #2

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