Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mishaps in the Trees...

There is a family tradition in Dear Hubby's family that I have cherished since the first moment I was involved.
Hubby's family is large. He is the youngest of six kids and for the most part they all live right here within 45 miles of us. A little snapshot for you...

Oldest Bro has a wife and 3 grown-up kids. One with a wife and two sons, one with a husband and one with a daughter. Total count so far...10 people.

Oldest Sis has a husband and one child. Husband's parents have frequently been included in Holiday gatherings as Sis and husband are currently stationed in Guam with the Air Force and don't get back often and husband is an only child so his parents come to where the action is. Total count so far...15 people.

Middle Bro has a wife and a grown-up son. Total count so far...18 people.

Middle Sis has two children but has also been known to have husband and his children along for the festivities. Total count so far...21 people.

Youngest Boy (aka Dear Hubby) has a wife (me) and two children (Bubba and Teensy). Total count so far...25 people.

Youngest Sis has a husband and two children. Husband's mom has joined us on occasion but is not a frequent guest. This family is stationed in Germany at the present time. Total count so far...29 people.

Of course, you must count my FIL and up until this year my MIL, as well as Grandma and Grandpa who always showed up for at least part of the day. Total count (not including pets and unexpected guests)...33 people.

Yes, you read that correctly. Right close to 33 people show up at every family dinner and holiday celebration known to well as, all birthday celebrations for those same 33 people.

Holidays are huge people. Holidays are huge. Or were huge. But I won't bring this post down with talk about that.


Huge holidays mean huge traditions. Ones that are spread far and wide amongst family. My favorite...Hunting for the Christmas Tree every year. Come rain, snow, sleet or hail, we hunt in the National Forest for the perfect tree every single year and we have a blast always. And today is the day we do just that. We are hunting for those perfect trees! Some years they are a bit more Charlie Brown and a bit less White House beautiful but every year we love them just the same.

And it's always an adventure.

There was one year when we took two Bonneville cars and a truck out (since there are soooo many people) and we got the truck stuck and had to pull it out of the ditch with my Bonneville! Fun times!

Oh yeah, and there was the year we had six trees piled in the back of the truck and were flying down the highway on our way home and one of the trees got caught up in the excitement and went flying out of the truck! wouldn't you know it was Mom and Dad's huge tree and the impact busted a few of the bottom branches. Whew. That was a site to see. :)

Anyway, we are out and about with the tree hunting today so hopefully tomorrow when
I return to civilization, I will have an adventure to share. Enjoy your Sunday all!

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