Sunday, November 9, 2008

Snowy Day Activities!

The chica over at One More Fairy Tale decided that I should post a list of some Snowy Day activities and since I just found out that I will be staying home for at least one more day due to my office being inaccessible, I figured I would do just that.

The next time you are stuck indoors on a snowy day, here are a few things that you can do! The best part is that these things can be done even if you are all alone. :)

*Cuddle up in your biggest and softest comforter and pop in your favorite movie. Don't be afraid to sing along or speak all the well known lines. Let it take you back to first time you watched it.

*Pull a comfy chair over in front of the window, wrap your hands around a warm mug of cocoa and watch the world change as the snow cleanses it in whiteness. Revel in the beauty that surrounds us daily.

*Plant you butt on a heat register and start a new book. Take yourself out of the snowy world and into the life of someone else. If you are really daring...finish the book!

*Tackle that room that you have been cluttering up with everything that doesn't otherwise have a place. Organize and renew it and you will renew yourself in the process adding a sense of accomplishment.

*Pull out a notebook or a stack of paper and a black fine-tip sharpie marker. Doodle. Don't allow yourself to throw away the ones that you think are bad, even if you can't draw well, because they are an extension of you.

*Sit down with your computer and write a short story. Fictional or non-fictional, it matters not. Just let your creativity run out of your fingertips. Set it in a warm place to chase away the wintertime chills.

*Write a letter or note to someone you care about. Seal it in an envelope and lay it by the door so that you don't forget to give it to the recipient.

Hope that is what you were looking for, Princess! Cheers to the snowy winter ahead!


The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

I love these ideas. They're fabulistic!! BRAVO!!

Lady K said...

Fun Ideas... that plant your butt on a heat register comment took me back to my childhood! Thanks for stirring the memory!