Saturday, November 8, 2008

Blizzard update...

Well, it is now day three of the big Blizzard of 2008. The good news? We can get out! A loader came through our street last night at about midnight and cleared out a single pathway through the 10-12 foot drifts and dear hubby was able to get the van out this morning. The bad news, hubby took said van to work with him so the kids and I are essentially still stuck here because there is a drift that runs the length of the alley at a sold 8-9 feet high. Ugh!
Our original plans for today included waking up late with overnight guests and taking the kids to see Madagascar 2 in the theaters. Tony had to go in to work early this morning to make up for the past two days off, our guests couldn't make it through the storm last night, the kids went to the neighbors yesterday leaving the dogs outside and both the doors wide open and therefore got grounded from the movie and we were nominated to pick up Dad from the airport. So...our day will not go as planned. :(

What is on the plans now? Finishing the cleaning of the back clutter room, picking up dad and maybe dinner out. Nothing fun. Maybe the fun will come tomorrow!
I know, totally lame post today. I am just not really in a blogging mood but I am determined not to miss a blog day in November! Massive amounts of snow usually put me into a coma so I guess I am lucky to have gotten this much written! I will try to be back to my witty self tomorrow!

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