Monday, November 10, 2008

Message to the Universe...

You will have to forgive me today.

Does it ever seem like the universe just won't stop crapping on your doorstep? Like you are forever cleaning up and dealing with all of the messes that life throws at you and never getting to enjoy the silver linings even though you spend all of your time looking for them?

That is what I do on this blog. I look for the little things in life to be happy and grateful about. Today, you will have to forgive me. For today, I am not seeing th up side.

The score is me-zipola, universe-everything.

I went to the dentist today and found out that after having three days of absolutely no pay for me and two for dear hubby, I will be spending over $1400 to fix a problem that I paid $800 of my hard earned teenaged job money to fix ten fricking years ago. That's right. I had a root canal done in 1998. I spent EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS and several hours in a dentist chair and now it must be re-done due to a pocket of infection that wasn't taken care of to begin with.


Okay, life. I am fricking over you now. What else can you throw my way? Hmm? Another blizzard? How about another breast cancer scare? Hubby gonna lose his job tomorrow? Another parent gone forever? What have you got? You might as well just keep on kicking while I'm down becasue I guaran-fricking-tee you that when I get up (and I will get up!), I won't put up with any more of your BS!


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Lady K said...

Heza! here's to getting up!! :) See you found the silver lining without even realizing!Most people in that possition arnt even paying attention to that!!