Friday, October 10, 2008

Taking the easy way out!

It's Friday, people!  Yay!  Well, it should be a good thing but really I am so tired I am not sure it is even registering that it is Friday.  But all bitching aside, I thought I would share some pics with you today in an effort to remember the little things in this life and not spend too much time doing a blog entry. 

CC--my honey

My most wonderful hubby caught unaware in a moment of joy.


My favorite waterfall in the entire world not even 20 minutes from my house.  Many great memories have been made here.


The innocence in the amazing eyes of my little chica girl.  Love it!

Mom 58--Max kissy face

Kisses from my punk--growing up way to fast but is still my baby!

CC--blurred a bit

The beauty of nature around us is amazing when cherished for a few moment each day.  Lady K caught this wonderful sight for me.

Sunset 004

A sunset captured on a still summer evening brings new meaning to the word beautiful!

Have a great weekend all!  I'll be back Monday, hopefully refreshed and renewed and ready to rock and roll!

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