Thursday, October 9, 2008

Skeeve says it gets worse...

It has been extremely hard to come up with topics for blog posts around here because my brain hasn't been producing very many coherent thoughts.  I have been home, literally, only to sleep since last Friday and it is starting to take it's toll on me.  The bad thing?  There isn't an end in sight to the never-ending run around that is challenging me right now. 

I missed List Making Tuesday (which has me a bit frazzled, to be honest) and could use a list right now to get my thoughts in order so that I can proceed with this week...and the next.  So, in an effort to get myself together, here we go.

To start with, here is what I have been up to...

*Girl Scouts has officially begun.  I have taken an more active co-leader position this year which means that I am the one hunting down parents for signatures instead of just showing up to meetings.  The other leader was unable to attend the first meeting and therefore made it a bit more difficult to introduce the new members of the troop as well as get out all information that the girls and parents needed to start the fall fundraising sale. 

*I became the Product Manager for this area of Girl Scouts which means that I have to make sure and get all local troop leaders all information regarding the Fall fundraiser, enter all of their information in the computer when the sale is over, make sure that the troop leaders, as well as, all parents, pick up the stuff they sell for delivery and dole out all incentives earned (which will all be delivered to my house and must be sorted and organized by yours truly).

*Helping my daughter sell nuts, candies and magazine subscriptions to raise money for her Girl Scout troop.  She has high hopes in the way of incentives and I in turn have high hopes in the amount of money we raise for our activities. 

*School Conferences.  Yep, it is already time to check in with those teachers to see how the kids are faring.  I speak with Teensy's teacher all the time because her daughter is one of my Girl Scouts, so there was nothing new to learn there.  Bubba is doing well.  The only issue is he is a little talkative sometimes and really if you know me at all that will come as absolutely no surprise to you.  All in all, good reports.

*Dear hubby's sisters are visiting from their respective foreign countries for a few weeks.  This, of course, means family time.  We got together with extended family for the traditional Cheese Buttons dinner last Saturday and will be having a family dinner in a nearby town this Friday. 

*The biggest time consumer and most stressful thing right now is that we are going through my Mother-in-Laws possessions.  Cleaning out the house for Dad by divvying up the things that he doesn't want sitting around in whatever new house he finds to buy and move into in an effort to move on with life, I guess.  Isn't it too soon, you ask?  Um, my opinion.  But I don't have a say.  We have been at Dad's five out of the last 6 days and will be there tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday as well.  We may get a break on Monday but it seems unlikely.

*I have also attended a Cooking Show with my Mom, a Spaghetti dinner with the in-laws, helped with a garage sale at my office, tried to work on laundry, planned a birthday party for my son, dealt with a broken down refrigerator and living out coolers for three days, and made sure that both kids were fed, bathed (occasionally) and had their homework done every night. 

The things that I still have coming up and things that I need to make sure get done include...

*Getting several parents to sign the correct permission forms for the Girl Scouts fall fundraiser since they all completed the wrong one due to a lack of communication on the part of some higher up in the organization...and definitely not me!

*Help my mom put together a float for her business for the Homecoming parade next Friday and then be in that parade with her to hand out pens for promotions.

*Attend a Girl Scout meeting and a nephew's family get-together birthday party on the same night at the same time.  Not quite sure how to pull that one off yet. 

*Finish out the last 5 days of the marathon "Divvy up Mom's Things" session before the sisters finally leave for their respective foreign countries...which is just in time for my siblings to roll into town for four more days of family togetherness!  Yipp-fricking-ee!!

*Enjoy a date night out with my hubby to see the wonderfully funny Carlos Mencia...that is if I don't fall asleep from sheer exhaustion or keel over from the amazing stress that is weighing down on my shoulders.  Oh yeah, and of course, IF we remember to find a babysitter between now and then!

*Take my son to Chuck E. Cheese's with four of his best friends (and my daughter and one of her friends because we have to be somewhat fair) to celebrate the fact that he is turning 8 years old and sit eating so-so pizza and drinking flat cola while they terrorize the small establishment for hours on end all while hoping that they pass out from exhaustion by the time we leave so that we have a quiet trip back home.

*Finish a project that I started for my friend in Iraq (Hi Jennifer!!!) so that she has something to keep her company and show her that we love her and are thinking about her all the time and get it in the mail so that it can reach her before hell freezes over before she goes back home sooner instead of later.

*Performing our cleaning job twice, purchase two children's birthday gifts and cards for two adults, keep up on the laundry, housecleaning and homework, keep the children bathed and fed regularly, pay the upcoming bills, hike a mountain, attend a birthday party for an ailing Grandparent and write a letter to another, plus run children to scouts, school, dance, daycare and home and keep the family happy with our attendance record at family functions...AND IT MUST ALL BE DONE  in the few hours that exist between the time I get off work and the time I collapse into bed to sleep fitfully.

Just a side note:  The above has all occurred or will occur between October 1st and October 19th.  After the 19th, I have one more Girl Scout meeting as well as a Leader Meeting, two Boy Scout meetings, a wedding, two dance classes, and a lot of  Product Manager duties to do (since the fundraiser ends on the 20th).  Plus I have to make a Halloween costume and buy candy, decorate for the holiday, take my kids Trick-or-Treating, bake goodies and help out at Bubba's class party and purchase three more adult birthday cards all before OCTOBER 31ST!!!

Anyone care to trade schedules???  Anyone???  No.  Damn.

Oh, what's with the title, you ask?  It's a reference to one of my favorite quotes from Robert Aspirin's M.Y.T.H series of books:

"When things are blackest, I just tell myself 'cheer up, things could be worse!' And sure enough, they get worse!"                                                                                                - Skeeve

That, dear readers, is my life.  *sigh* 

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