Friday, October 24, 2008

The POETS Society...I'm totally in!

Today is Friday!  Woot, woot!  And the better news is...I don't have any plans tonight!!!  Bubba is headed to a friend's house after school and Dear Hubby and I are taking Teensy out to dinner.  I have been unusually busy at work all day so I am ready to slack off.  Of course, that is when I find this...

I am totally in on The Poets Society (if I am cool enough to join in that is?!?).  I officially am saying...


Enjoy the rest of your day everyone.  I am sure going to!



Post Script:  A huge THANKS to The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess over at for the wonderful reason to not post today.  It's much appreciated!!!  ((Click on her link.  Really, do it.  Her blog is all pink and princessy and sooo cute.  I love it.  Check her out already!))

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The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

FABOULOUS!! You are SOO in!! And now, having wasted my 8 WORKING hours playing in Blogland, I'm going to go home and tell Prince Charming we're having POETRY for dinner!!