Monday, October 27, 2008

Teenaged Striped Stupidity...

So remember a few posts back, I told you that I never did anything stupid when I was younger?  Well that's not entirely true.  However, I have not once gotten caught by the police nor have I done anything that warrants actually being arrested in my lifetime.  ((I did get put in handcuffs once, but that was just for fun at a friend's party a few years ago.  You can just dream up your own stories behind that one.))

I thought long and hard about whether not I have ever egged someone's house and came to the conclusion that I have not.  


Remember these?  Yeah, me too.  They used to line the front walks of ever middle class American home because everyone shopped at the same place...Wally World!  I used to drive around, or walk around if we were too poor for gas money when I was in high school...probably my  junior year (yeah I should have grown out of the stupidity by then but lived an extremely sheltered life for the years prior to that and needed to get it out of my system).  My friends and I would take these candy canes from people's yards and "misplace" them in someone else's Christmas yard-scape.  Occasionally, we would leave them on doorsteps a few blocks away.  Technically it was theft, but I like to look at it as "misplacement of goods".  Sounds less stupid and more sophisticated that way.  Although, I know now that I was a moron and no better than my nephew.  The difference?  I never got caught by the cops...or my mom!


clip_image002You want more teenaged stupidity?  The same year that we performed the "Candy Cane Capers", you could have also caught us traipsing around town on Halloween wearing black lipstick "kiss" prints on our foreheads as part of our costumes.  What were we?  Teenagers...too old to Trick-or-Treat in costumes but too young to stay home and hand out candy.  :)

Yep, we were cool!!!  What teenaged mishaps do you have in your past?

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