Thursday, October 23, 2008

You might be a redneck if...

You give your grandson a set of these for his 8th birthday...


Yes, folks.  I am aware that the above picture is of cut off  cow hooves.  I am also quite aware that the normal eight year old boy doesn't get cow hooves for his birthday.

All I can say is...we live in a rural environment, she had just butchered a cow to fill her freezer and at least I am not showing you a picture of the cow nuts that I was expecting him to get.  :)


And, yes...they went into the garbage can after he showed everyone in the family!  We aren't quite gross enough to display such awful things!

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Anonymous said...

OK..I pride myself in redneck.. I'm the QUEEN OF NO MAN'S LAND.. But I promise to never give the REAL LIFE FAIRY PRINCESS'S princess.. horse feet for a gift.. (I don't think).. ha ha ha


The Queen..