Monday, September 29, 2008

Things you probably didn't know until you read this

...My toothbrush is green and white and lives in a plastic case in a decorative metal box with three other toothbrushes and three tubes of toothpaste on my bathroom counter.  I would rather you not touch it.  And please remember to close the toilet BEFORE you flush.  Thank you.

...The cashier at WalMart made me smile once because she actually knew how to bag groceries.  I hate it when someone bags my groceries wrong because a moron once put some frozen filet mignons in the bag with a crap load of Ramen noodles.  When I got home, I put the whole bag in the cupboard assuming they were all Ramen noodles (since that was the only logical thing).  A few weeks later we found the filet mignon.  Gr-fucking-oss.

...I have been to several strip clubs in my lifetime (mostly for bachelor/bachelorette parties) but I don't remember ever being to one without my husband.  I have been to "toy" stores and parties without him though...makes for better surprises later.  :)

...I had to purchase two packs of new underwear because my Jack Russell Terrier (Akira Kila) has taken to eating underwear when we are not looking.  That is when she isn't peeing on the carpet in the living room.  We just bought her a cage to sleep in at night to curb that habit and the damn thing cost us over $50.

...I am not capable of tanning.  In fact, I am envious of my daughter because her body seems to be not capable of getting a sunburn.  She just gets more and more tan.  I go from bright white to bright red, peel and then repeat the process.  That's why I never wear shorts.

...I am not fond of Chinese food, but I will eat some of it.  Sweet and Sour chicken is probably my favorite as long as it doesn't have the actual sauce anywhere near the meat...or on the plate at all, really.  I also like the fried Won-tons.

...If I drink a pop with a straw in a glass of ice, it gets drank faster for some reason but not if I am at a restaurant.  When I order an iced tea at a restaurant, I will drink at least 3 full glasses before the meal even comes and then a couple more before the meal is over (if I have a good waitress that can keep up). 

...I have a gold and silver watch with hearts on it.  I asked my husband to buy it for me and I got it for Christmas one year.  It was expensive.  It came with a cute teddy bear which made it even cuter. 

...I used to adore Cherry Chapstick when I was a kid.  I would put it on and lick it off every couple of minutes.  One of the most memorable Christmas presents I ever got was 24 cans of Coke and 3 tubes of Cherry Chapstick.  I am pretty easy to please in the gift department.  The simpler, the better.

...My birthstone is a sapphire but my favorite color is pink so my husband found a lab produced pink sapphire necklace and matching earrings and bought them for me for our five year Anniversary.  I bought him a new wedding band. 

...Most of the time we just go through a drive through if we are eating at a fast food restaurant and then eat in the car somewhere.  We rarely actually sit in the establishment to eat mostly because we are lazy.

...We spoiled our fish recently by buying them a new background for the tank, a stump to hide in, a bridge to play on (or fish off of!) and a skeleton that pops out of a bubbling treasure chest.  We are morons.

...I am really good at spelling and English type things...but I always got C's in English class because I never turned anything in on time.  I suck at deadlines completely.  That is why I will never get a book published. 

...I would love for a maid service to clean my house...but I wouldn't want them too close to my things.  It would freak me out and I would have to be looking over their shoulders as they clean to make sure everything got put back just right.  They would quit after the first day.

...Hello is a word I rarely use.  I would rather say "hi" or "how's it going?" instead.  I also overuse the word "Sweetie" and I never call anyone by their given name.  I have nicknames for everyone.

...My mom just got a new kitten and I'm jealous because she is so cute.  I want a kitten but my two dogs would tear it up.  I told mom to name her cat Gypsy because she is calico and super spunky.  she took my advice and named her Gypsy Royal or Gypsy Roy for short (Roy is my cousin that killed himself a few years back).

...I really adore having Family Movie Night at my house because it's nice to 1) not have to cook, 2) eat in the basement, 3) spend time cuddling with my family, 4) be able to laugh at movies I wouldn't watch if I didn't have kids.

...I have lotion at work that leaves sparkly glitter all over my hands and arms.  It's gets all over the keys as I am typing and makes me feel like a pixie or something.

...the absolute quiet drives me nuts but I have a hard time handling noise, too.  Lately, I don't like a lot of alone time because I am not much into thinking about deep and meaningful things.  I don't want to scare myself or make myself sad with  my thoughts so I avoid thinking at all by doing other things with my mind like playing computer games or doing logic problems. 

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