Friday, September 26, 2008

Am I a fashion victim?

I recently came across a Flickr Photo Sharing Group called "Working Closet".  A group of women started posting pictures of themselves in the clothes that they wear to work.  I am not really sure as to why but the whole idea intrigued me and you know what happens when something intrigues me, right?  I run with it!  So here are photos of me from this week in all the outfits I chose to wear.  In all honesty, I do have to say that I made a little bit more of an effort than usual but this is still pretty much my style, regardless.    Oh yeah, I probably should tell you that I work in a very casual environment.  I can pretty much wear whatever I want to wear although I normally choose to look at least a little professional in nature...or as professional as one can look in jeans!

P1030791Here is Monday's choice.  A pair of light colored low ride jeans, a long sweater thing and a large silver butterfly necklace.  I am not quite sure about the actual fashionability of the sweater/dress thing but I do know that I got it from Kohl's for like $7.00 and it is comfortable as all get-out so I bought it and I wear it anyway.  Notice the non-styling of the hair.  Yeah, that's the product of my normal styling...wash, fluff and go.  Sorry about the cut off head thing!


Now here is Tuesday's choice.  The shirt is from Kohl's, the headband was stolen from my daughter (and a total experiment), long necklace and matching earrings were up close head1taken from my sister a few months ago and the shoes are Sketchers that my hubby bought me for my birthday. 

P1030800 Here was my choice for Wednesday.  One of the few hats that I own and that actually look okay on me and a jean jacket from my Mother-In-Law finally got some use.  I am also wearing three necklaces, a pair of jeans from, and my favorite Coca-Cola tee with a green camisole underneath.  It was functional and relatively comfortable for all the running around I did that day.  I also have a little makeup on...which made me run late that morn!

Thursday's choice was one of convenience.  All of my jeans seemed to be in the dirty clothes pile so I had to choose something else and I settled on a pair of light tan cords with this green geometric top and a brown beaded necklace that was given to me by a friend a while back.  I was also wearing a black belt although the shirt is long enough that it covers that up.  I was too busy doing Teensy's hair for school photos so mine received no styling (nice excuse, right?)

Here is Friday's choice of outfits.  Back to the jeans and a great cowry shell and bead necklace.  I actually have on a green low back/vee neck shirt but you can't tell because it is so fricking cold in the office today that I didn't even bother to take off my trusty Mountain Patrol fleece jacket (that I stole from my husband a few years ago after I gave it to him for Christmas).  No make-up and no hair style to speak of because...well, because I woke up with a Nyquil hangover and didn't have the energy to  make myself pretty.  (Sorry about the bathroom photo--didn't have time for a good one!)


So you tell me.  Am I a Fashion Victim?  Is it time to call in the "What Not To Wear" team to raid my closet?  Which items should I go without?  Change?  I need help people!

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