Thursday, September 25, 2008

In celebration...

Today is National Comic Book Day! Whoo hoo! Yep, totally exciting right? No. Well, I think you need to get into another frame of mind then. CHECK THIS OUT!

marvel encyclopedia

I bought this awesome book a few weeks ago to celebrate this holiday. Okay, you caught me. That was a lie. I bought it because it was cheap and I knew my son would love it...which he does...and because I am crazy about books...which I totally am. Especially coffee table books like this one. Conversation starters...if anyone ever actually came to my house to realize that I now have a coffee table and we needed a conversation starter that is. Anyway, I digress. I bought this awesome book that has all of the Heroes from Marvel Comics in it. They are listed alphabetically with full graphics and loads of information on every character that you never even knew existed...unless of course you are one of those comic book junkies that attend conventions dressed up as your favorite super hero, in which case you are a dork you probably know most of what is in this book. I am not such a person, so I didn't know have of it. Hell, I didn't know a fraction of what is included in this book...and really I would barely know that because I have only once even looked in the book since I got it. It sits on my coffee table with the other "special" books and collects dust until one of my precious little children comes along to write their names in all that dust. Oh! That never happens in my house. I must have been thinking about your children in your house. Never happens in mine. My house is spotless! *tee hee*

Teensy and Bubba had their annual Fun and Fitness Day yesterday at that city park. All 1st thru 4th graders were taken to the football field/track and got to compete in events like tug of war and football throwing as well as track events like the 50m and hurdles races. They both did really well. Bubba placed second in the hurdles race (he also ran the 50m) and Teensy placed second in her 100m race (and also ran the 50m). It was great to be there to see then compete so wonderfully and even better that my hubby was there to see them compete as well as have lunch with them both. Good job kids! We are really proud!

100m race altered before hurdles altered

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