Tuesday, September 16, 2008

List Making Tuesday...photo edition

Remember how, yesterday, I told you that I couldn't find the pics I had on my computer so I couldn't show them to you.  Well they got deleted.  Big mistake.  Today, I was able to re-upload my own pics so now I at least have something to show you. 

Here is my Photo Edition of List Making Tuesday entitled...

Proof That We are Great Parents...


Bubba tried Rocky Mountain Oysters... and liked them until we told him they were cow nuts!
(At least he tried something new.  That proves our good parenting skills, doesn't it?)



P1030338Teensy "got a little Captain in her" when we were East River. 


(I swear I did not pose her for this picture and we do NOT let our children drink alcohol...we just let them watch too much television!)




And then she became involved in some sort of "kiddie gang" and tried throwing out some gang symbols at me (notice the hand position, the jacket worn off the shoulder, and the crazed smile).  I was a little afraid, to be honest.



P1030417Bubba spent his time East River peeing in the bushes.  Hey, at least we got him outside and away from the video games for TWO WHOLE DAYS!!!

See, we are awesome at this parenting thing!




Teensy almost got eaten by a wild horse at my BFF's house.  But hey!  At least she knows that there are such things as real horses and isn't completed confined to the city life!



P1030666They both know not to talk with food in their mouths and look!  One of them even listens!  The other?  Well, she might, eventually. 





Nachos are considered part of the dairy food group because of all the cheese, right?  No.  Oh.  Hmm.  I'll have to change a few meals on my meal plan then.




P1030680And we've only made Teensy sleep on the cold concrete once...and she even got a blanket, so that counts as good parenting, right? 

See, I was so right assuming that we rock at this!




Oh no!  More gang symbols!  Well, we were at the races...maybe the outlying testosterone seeped into her bloodstream and caused her to act that way.  Maybe.  You don't think she'll get into graffiti next, do ya?800px-Graffiti_stylaz






P1030739And I am pretty sure that we even pay a fair wage for making our children work.  Disregard the look of utter contempt on his face...he's just working hard to squash those chokecherries.




And the final piece of evidence that we are great parents...we take the kids exploring in the outdoors.  Please disregard the fact that there are no children in this photo...one of them was standing to the side in the rain soaked grass and the other had slipped and fallen and was laying in the freezing cold river when this photo was shot.  We did get her out before the hypothermia set in and that makes us great parents!

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