Monday, September 15, 2008

Determined not to miss...

It's Monday!

And a damn fine one, too.  NOT!

(Oh, sorry about that throw back to the early 90's...I do that sometimes.  I'll try to stop.)

Today has been busy with paperwork, copying, typing, moving files from here to there, new computer set up, etc.

In other words, it's been boring...but busy and productive at the same time.  Really it's been a pretty good day.

As you can tell, I really have absolutely nothing to say today, so I will leave you with a picture instead. 


Well, I was going to leave you with a picture, but I just found out that I had left a bunch of stuff on the hard drive of the loaner computer and now I don't have it because the computer guy already re-formatted that computer and deleted everything I had on it.  Ugh!  That makes my afternoon.  NOT!

Oops.  There I go again. 

Oh, well.  I guess you just have to wait until tomorrow when I rack my brain to come up with a List making Tuesday topic.

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