Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Get off my case...or my purse anyway!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I missed yesterday's entry. Cut me some slack, it was Monday. And a busy one at that. Today is Tuesday and you know what that means...

List Making Tuesday!!!

Today's list is brought to you by my purse. My best friend Lady K bought me a new purse for my birthday and it is probably the most bestest purse I've ever owned! I absolutely love it. Normally, I purchase cheap purses, black or brown in color, with lots of pockets. Well the purse that caught my eye when out shopping with her has a brown background but is very colorful.

Take a look...

So how is this List Making Tuesday brought to you by my new purse? Because I am going to break the mold and tell everyone what is contained within the sacred sides of my new purse. The contents that all women usually keep secret...I will tell all! And without further ado...

The Contents of My Purse List

In the front left pocket, there is...
--the headphones for my cell phone so that I can listen to music while I am doing boring tasks, like watering the lawn, without having to have a bulky cd player shoved in the back of my pants.
--this is also the pocket that my cell phone lives in but right now that is sitting on my desk.

In the front right pocket, there are...
--my wallet (it's black with blue butterflies on it!)
--my wallet itself holds my driver's license, my blood donor card, Sam's Club card, two expired SCA membership cards (mine and my husband's), my library card, my Girl Scout Volunteer card, business cards for a friend, USO sponsoring member card, ID cards for both of my kids in case they go missing, three punch cards (buy so many get one free types), 7 plastic cards (credit cards, rewards cards, atm card, etc.), 3 TCBY free kid's dish coupons, gift card to mall, gift card to a restaurant, and gift card to a store.

In the front zippered pocket, there are...
--various coupons (that I always forget to use!!!)
--address book of everyone I know (cute one, too. I got it from Lady K at Christmas and it's just my style.)

In the main pocket, the one with a snap for a clasp, there are...
--two checkbooks (one for the real checking account and a deposit book for the other one).
--my digital camera (can't go anywhere without it!)
--a pack of kleenexes (even though I almost always forget they are even in there).
--a little box of q-tips (to apply the orajel that's coming up).
--a tube of pink Mary Kay lip gloss
--two flash drives (containing important pictures, files and writing that I may need at home or at work).
--a thumb drive so that it is easier to put pics from my digital camera onto the computer or so that I can view them on anyone's computer without needing my connector cord.
--a little brown zippered pouch that contains: Orajel, 4 Mary Kay lip glosses, Bach Rescue Remedy Stress drops, Blistex lip balm, a compact mirror (pink with jewels, of course), 3 gauze pads, Dramamine, band-aids, Oral B Brush Ups, moist towlettes from a casino, Benadryl tablets, hand sanitizer in a spray container, ginger candies, sudafed tablet, small sewing kit.

In the back pocket, there are...
--two pens (usually there are more!).
--a ziploc baggie of acetominophen tablets for when I get a headache on the run.
--a pack of gum (5, cobalt flavored).
--a tube of CO Bigelow Cinnamint Mentha Lip Shine (tastes like mint infused cinnamon...I lick it off as fast as I put it on!)

There is also a fuzzy otter Pez Dispenser and a keychain hanging off the strap.

So there you have it. My list for the day. Hope you had fun!!!

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