Friday, September 5, 2008

A eat!

Some days it's just hard to come up with something to write on my blog. Be it writer's block or just an all around nothingness happening in my world, sometimes something gets in the way of great blogging.

So instead I revert to this.

(Overheard on IM this afternoon...WAIT! Can something be overheard if I am in on the conversation? No. Well, then, um, I guess here is a conversation that the very comedic me and Miss Lady K had today while we both should have been doing something a bit more productive...)

Lady K: wow I just realized Im starvin marvon
Me: i'll wait while you get something to snack on.
Me: bring me some crackers while you are at it.
Me: plain saltines please.
Lady K: k
((pause in the conversation))
Me: where's mine?
Lady K: I tried sliden um through the usb, but its not working
Me: well frick
Me: did you try the cd burner?
Lady K: Nope that dont work either
Me: well shoot
Me: those crackers were sounding kinda good

The funniest thing about this is that I was really expecting those crackers to show up on my desk or pop out of the cd drive of my computer. I needed them. *sigh* That is just how my mind works.

But speaking of crackers, did you know that you can not eat six saltine crackers in sixty seconds without drinking water. There is actually a 6 saltines in 60 seconds challenge. Go on, try it. It just doesn't work. Or at least that is what my coworker tells me. Maybe I should try it. Yeah, I think I will. Let me know what your results are if you give this one a go...the coworker has been known to pull my leg on occassion.

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