Thursday, July 10, 2008

These Pop Rocks Taste Funny...

Actual scene from the childhood of my kids. 

After a misunderstanding as to who was going to pick them up from daycare, Grandpa finally does the pleasure as Grandma and their daddy weren't going to make it home from work on time.  The two kids spend some time watching television and waiting for Grandma to arrive home while Grandpa does his work around the house thing.  Grandma's Blazer finally pulls into the drive.

~Following conversation ensues~

Teensy and Bubba (excitedly running to greet Grandma):  Grandma!  You're home! 

Grandma hugs grandchildren and says hello.

Kids:  Grandma, your Pop Rocks taste like real rocks.

Grandma:  What Pop Rocks?

Kids:  The ones in the house.  They were so gross, that we had to spit them in the trash can. 

Grandma (now thoroughly confused because she has no said Pop Rocks in her house):  Um, okay.

After a short while, Daddy shows up to pick up the kids.  After they leave Grandma notices a cookie sheet on the kitchen counter. 


The light bulb lights up and she smiles as she realizes why "the Pop Rocks tasted funny". 

She had cleaned out the fish tank the night before and washed the bright blue rocks that lay in the bottom.  They were now on the cookie sheet on the kitchen counter drying. 


Tanya said...

That is funny! Great story.

Kris Covell said...

LOL that just made my day!!!