Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Special List Making Tuesday!

I told you two things last week. One, I was going on a trip and two, I would have a special list for you this week. Well...I will tackle the special list for you on this List Making Tuesday.

What do you get when you cross five amazing women, one hotel room, and an otherwise boring mid-western city?

A Spicy Trip chock full of Little Things!!!

Here are some of the small highlights of our Girls Time-Out Trip to Wyoming (yeah, I know, who in the hell decides to take a trip to Wyoming on purpose! We did...and it was great!!!)

1. Wear something out of the ordinary and with confidence.1zb---The trip down (our footwear!)

So, um, yeah. This is the footwear that Lady K and I wore during the ride of our four hour trip. When we got to our hotel, it had rained hard and there were puddles all over the parking lot...I promptly walked right on through them in my pink slippies! I think I left a trail on the hotels gaudy blue and green carpet (that I completely adored) all the way to our second floor room!!! 3---Mall Adventures (Real friends pose in dresses!)

The five of us also decided that we should model and document some prom dresses at the local Mall. That plan wasn't really as thought out as we had wanted as it contained two huge snags...a) they didn't have dresses to fit women who are not a fucking size zero average, and b) the store wasn't keen on us taking pictures (we did bribeconvince the clerk to take just this one picture). The end result...us standing side by side with dresses (still on hangars) draped over our necks...not quite the effect we were going for. :)

2. Compliment a stranger with sincerity.

As a man passed by me in the Mall, I noticed his bright paisley tie and I immediately (and without thinking of the consequences) tapped him on the arm and exclaimed with much excitement, "I really love your tie!". He scowled and ran in the other direction, clearly thinking that I was beyond a lunatic. Doesn't anyone speak to strangers anymore? What the heck was that all about?

3. Stay up late and watch the sunset...then get up early to watch the very next sunrise.

4n---Fort Collins (the sunset)Okay, so we really didn't do this. Considering that the sun sets at around 9 pm in that area, we didn't need to stay up late. We did see the sunset...from out the window of the moving Jeep as we headed to the bars 45 minutes from our hotel. It really wasn't all that pretty, but hey we saw it anyway, right?

As for the sunrise...um yeah, when you stay up until 3:30 am partying, the sunrise is the last thing you are wanting to see! It was bad enough having to get up before they stopped serving the Deluxe Continental Breakfast!!!

4. Tell the fish joke to every service person who waits on us.

Now if you haven't already heard the fish joke, you are missing out on the best part of a humor filled life. However, I can't tell it to you because it would just get lost in translation. It is something you must experience first hand from the master, Lady K. And we did this. We told this joke over and over and over again. We made me cry from laughing so hard...okay, so the tears may have been ones of utter pain, but we enjoyed ourselves!

5. Take a picture of yourself in a strange place.

I will not tell you which one of us this is because I wouldn't want P1020821 to get killed for putting her ass on the world wide web. Let's just say that looking under the door of a women's dressing room is definitely a strange place to get one's picture taken and leave it at that. :) The shopping at the mall was a highlight of the trip...because we got Lady K and Crazy Kat into things that they never would have thought to buy for themselves!

6. Ask a teenager what is fun to do in their town and then do it.

Yeah, so Lady K and Xena did this and the response they got was..."well, um, yeah, nothing. The only thing to do around here doesn't begin for another 2 weeks!" Wanna know what's even sadder than that? The security guard at the mall said the exact same thing! We didn't know that we were headed to such a horribly boring place. However, it gave us more chances to make our own fun!!!

7. Get the autograph and picture of a complete stranger.

P1020820 Josie needed to get herself a Blackberry (or Crack Berry, as she calls it) on our trip, so we visited the local Verizon store in the mall where we met the talented Lou. He was wonderfully nice and accommodating enough to let me take his picture and get his autograph (although he did stand us up later at the club he recommended).

8. Start a pillow fight.

What girl's sleep-over would be complete without a pillow fight? None. So, what did we do? We took the million and two pillows (no lie, there were so many pillows on the beds that we barely had enough room to sleep on them!) and proceeded to thwack each other over the head with them. We bounced on the beds with pillows in hand and giggled and, and... Now get your heads out of the gutter. This is not an X-rated blog!!!

9. Have a child pose us and take our picture.

We actually found four lovely and willing young ladies to do justP1020913 such a thing. Armed with our digital cameras and their amazing eye for the perfect shot, we got some memorable pictures.

Ooh. Well maybe if you disregard the extremely surprised look on the face of Lady K, the half closed eyes of Crazy Kat and the random people in the background, this picture would've been perfect!

10. Find something amazing and treasure it always.

This was the best one on the list and it was easy to find. If you ask the other girls, they may have found something different. But me, I found the amazingness that is Friendship from four of the most amazing and beautiful women that this world has to offer. I wouldn't trade any of them for all the diamonds in the world. P1020866

Here we are. Out on a night on the town in Colorado (because Wyoming was just way too boring for real fun).

Amazing Women and the best girlfriends a person could ever hope to have.

Josie, Lady K, Me, Crazy Kat and Xena (front). Love ya, girls!


Lady K said...

Nicley Shared even if My ass is out there for the whole world wide web to see! and yes the friendships of those 5 women are amazing and worth treasuring always

J... said...

Sweetheart, I never told anyone it was YOUR ass!!!