Friday, July 11, 2008

The automotive history of...ME!

What does one write about when they can't think of a topic? I guess we'll find out with this post. :)

On the way home from our trip last weekend, Lady K, Crazy Kat and I got into a discussion about what a car says about a person. The make, model, year and color of a car all signify something if the driver actually spent the time to coose the right car for themselves. I have owned only a few vehicles in my lifetime but I am not sure that they say much about who I am as a person.

My first car was given to me as a graduation present. It was an old blue Plymouth Horizon with wacky seat covers. I named her Daisy May. That car said nothing about me other than "my mom didn't have the money to buy me a real car thought I should work to purchase my own vehicle". I got me where I wanted to go.

My second car was the only vehicle that I have ever picked out all by myself. It was a Red Pontiac Sunbird two-door coupe and was fiery to say the least. Cheap at $2800.00, too. I drove it off of the lot (after having my mechanic boyfriend check under the hood to be sure it was okay) and about a week later I had to borrow money to put in new a head gasket. It took me back and forth to college on many a day, but had to be traded off for something with 4 doors when baby #1 came along. I sold it and haven't set eyes on it since.

The 4-door car that we traded up to was a 1996 Pontiac Bonneville. We got it for dirt cheap from dear hubby's parents because they were ready to trade up to a newer model. That car continued my love of the Pontiac line of vehicles. The Bonne did us proud even with the hail damage, salvaged title, and granny paint color. I traded up, so dear hubby now uses it for his daily driving vehicle.

Recently we traded up to a 1997 Pontiac Montana van with all the fixin's. Again we purchased it off of dear hubby's dad because he no longer needed something so large. It fits me perfectly. DVD player to keep the kids from speaking entertained, 6 disc CD changer for when I get bored while driving and want to sing along to many different songs, and two side doors so the kids don't fight over who gets to open the door. It's pure heaven.

I kinda, sorta, maybe also have a 1967 Chevy Truck, too. My dear hubby bought it for me when we were dating and was going to paint it to match his classic Chevelle...that never happened and he put a gear stick in it that I couldn't possibly begin to maneuver on my own, so driving it is out of the question.

So what do my vehicles say about me? That I have no love affair with cars at all. Cars, trucks, vans, etc. are a means to get me from one place to another. They are not a prized possession. If you can't use a vehicle as an every day driving rig, then it's useless. People who fix up cars just to store them in barns and other out buildings, never to see the light of day, drive me up the wall and have too much money in their pockets. How about you give some of that money to a charity (like this one) that could use it and stop squandering those precious dollars away?

And before you guys out there get your tightie-whities in a bunch...this is only my opinion. Deal with it...and continue to drive your hot looking cars. Just don't let them sit in the garage collecting dust.


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