Monday, June 16, 2008

It's Monday! Damn...

What do you get when you cross four people who have gotten very little sleep over the weekend with warm, cozy blankets and comfortable beds?  A morning of scrambling around because no one heard the alarm clock, of course.  What do you get when you cross vacationing co-workers with a frantic boss and a woman juggling too many balls in the air?  The Monday from hell. 

Yeah.  That's my day.  The Monday from hell.  I have been running around work, trying to get the to-do list completed while also trying to field calls from a telephone that hasn't rung more than 8 times in the past week but has chosen today to start singing constantly as well as the boss's cell phone that almost never shuts up.  More papers get piled on my desk by the minute and the boss lady is more frantic than I am.  Yeah.  I can't breathe today.  My nerves are shot and well...just...yuck!

P1020647The weekend went by relatively fast and I felt like I got nothing done...except for bandaging the dear daughter of mine who chose this last weekend to beat herself to a bloody pulp in not one but TWO bicycle accidents.  *sigh*  She has training wheels for gosh sakes!  Road rash on the arm, dime-sized gash ripped out of the knee, hole in the chin, scratches on the fingers, and bruises covering her legs from top to bottom.  I used more Neosporin and large Band-aids this past weekend than we have needed in our house for over a year!!!

The kids got haircuts this weekend, too.  Teensy went from long, P1020660unmanageable hair to a Dora look-a-like cut that takes only minutes to brush.  Bubba went from his school-time hair cut to the standard Thug look-a-like mohawk he gets every summer.  All in all, they are more adorable than ever!  :)   This was taken on Father's Day.  I couldn't get a good picture out of the three of them with the sun in their eyes no matter how much I threatened their lives.

Well, I guess it's back to the daily grind.  I finally have reservations for the trip I am taking with my girlfriends.  I am calling it our "Ladies Time Out" because we all need just be put in time-out for a few days of rest, relaxation and friendship.  Can we leave tomorrow, instead?

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thanks babe that was nice to say such good things about me