Friday, June 13, 2008

Holiday Reflections...

With all of the sad and rough times that my family has gone through lately, it's hard to set aside the grief and focus on the everyday. Especially when that everyday just happens to include a holiday. However, this particular holiday is worth celebrating because Dear Hubby deserves some celebration of his abilities as a Father. Teensy and Bubba couldn't have a better Dad to look up to, to love and to learn from than my husband.

So, to the man who...

...spends his entire Saturday building an 8-foot scalloped-edge shelf to hang in his daughter's room so that she will have a place to display all of the 'breakables' that her 6-year-old little heart is so obsessed with.

...takes his son to Boy Scouts every Monday night to do manual labor cleaning up an old lake to teach his son lessons of responsibility and community involvement when there is foot-tall grass at home that needs to be mowed.

...listens as his 7-year-old son rambles incessantly about Yu-Gi-Oh and video games and proves that he did listen by answering with questions and/or statements that go beyond 'uh-huh' and 'really?'.

...allows his wife to spend an ungodly amount of money on children's books because he knows in his heart that a love of reading could only benefit the kids.

...not only will clean the carpet that was just puked on but cuddle up with the child that did the puking when he's done.

...will allow his kid to sit/lay/squirm in the crook of his legs rendering him immobile for the entire duration of family movie night in the basement just because he knows his boy won't want to cuddle forever.

...will allow his petite daughter to sit on his lap in the movie theater for the simple fact that her tiny behind can't hold down the flip up chair and she is more comfortable (even though his arm and leg fall asleep under her seemingly excessive weight!).

...who claps, cheers, smiles, and encourages his kids while they are on the sports field even though his son is sitting down and his daughter has her hands wrapped up in her shirt and neither of them are very good.

...limits the number of Christmas and Birthday presents his children get even though deep inside he would like to buy them everything because he knows it will teach them to appreciate the things they do have in this life instead of taking things for granted.

To the man that teaches my kids to be the best people that they can be simply by being himself...THANK YOU! And Happy Father's Day, Dear. There definitely is no one who could do a better job at helping to raise our kids as you. You deserve a round of applause. :)

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