Thursday, June 19, 2008

They call it a gift....

It's certainly not a gift by any sense of my imagination. It's scary and it hurts deep into my soul. Yeah, for now it's more of a curse than a gift. And it seems to have been passed on down the line.

They say that some people are more open to seeing ghosts and/or spirits. Me, I am terrified of them and therefore, one would logically conclude that I am not open to seeing them or feeling their presence. Actually that needs to be clarified.

I am terrified of ghosts. In my definition and opinion, a ghost is a being that haunts a place or a person. Ghosts aren't necessarily mean but they aren't necessarily nice either. Ghosts can do physical harm to a person if they so desire. Ghosts are scary things.

Spirits are beings that show up to warn you or otherwise speak to you. The soul of a loved one needing to convey a message to the land of the living. They may not even be phsyically present but their presence can be felt. One may not understand the message given but all is revealed in due time.

Dreams are a window to the future. A feeling or knowledge placed within someone while sleeping can cause them to have a dream in which that feeling or knowledge is acted out like a movie. The people are just actors and may not portray the actual parties involved but all in all, certain dreams tell us something is up.

My family is blessed (and I use that word very loosely) with the ability to occasionally see spirits and come upon knowledge through dreams. Things such as instinctively knowing when a friend/relative is pregnant come naturally in dreams to my older sister. She was also contacted by what I believe to be the spirit of my grandmother around the time of my sister's wedding. She was sighted and felt but the reason wasn't known until days later. An uncle of mine passed away suddenly followed closely by a cousin. I personally have dealt with a full week of terrifying dreams depicting the death of my loved ones and at the same time felt the spirits surrounding my bed at night with their message. They had come to signal the passing of my Mother-in-law and her mother, both suddenly and without ceremony. My little sister called me the other day. She had a death dream that had her waking up in tears. I wonder if she felt the spirits presence, too?

I am terrified of what comes next. Terrified that death will come knocking once again.

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