Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Guilty Pleasures...

One of my guilty (not really) pleasures is watching my shows on tv. I have a DVR so I record several shows every week and then watch them when dear hubby, Teensy and Bubba are asleep so that I can have some peace. One of the shows that I record and watch religiously is American Idol, however, dear hubby likes to watch the performances with me, so it's nice snuggle time.

Last night was the beginning of the finale show. I have been a fan of David Cook for the entire show. I am not a rocker chick and actualy very rarely do I listen the the type of music DC likes to sing but that man has a voice that has me creaming in my pants swooning every Tuesday night. Last night was no exception. He was great. My mouth hung open the whole time and when he looked straight into the camera and into my tv room, I creamed swooned (as dear hubby rolled his eyes into the back of his head for the 80th time during the show.

But I have to say this...DC isn't going to win, at least I will be surprised if he does. David Archuleta was phenomonal last night. His voice was more mature than ever and he played the game to win by choosing the perfect songs. DC will last longer in the industry while Archie will crack under the pressure in less than a year. But in all fairness, Archie played the shy kid next door angle and was better at playing "the game".

However, I will be searching and watching for David Cook's first album. I am going to go through withdrawls not having his sexy voice pouring through the speakers on my television every Tuesday night.

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