Thursday, May 22, 2008

Needed a change...

I didn't get to watch the American Idol finale yet but becuase of another blog and what someone put on their MySpace mood, I know who won. David Cook. Yay!!! I am excited about that but I will still go home and watch the finale on my DVR so that I get the full effect of the wonderment that is him.

I didn't watch it live because I wasn't home. I was off getting my hair cut and doing the grocery shopping. I was looking for a drastic change and I sure as hell got one. But I think that I like it. Alot. Dear hubby is not quite so sure but it will grow on him and it will grow back. So here it is. Let me know what you think.

Here is me before...
And here is me after...

I think that it makes me look older and more mature but I have had varying opinions on that statement. One way or another, I like it. I was looking for a change (I do that every so often, color, cut, etc.) This is the shortest that I have ever had my hair and it has grown on me already. The only complaint that I have....I am freezing cold with the rainy weather outside today and no hair to keep my neck warm!!! I guess I'll have to take to wearing scarves! Oh yeah, a new reason to go shopping!!!

The reports are in...Dear hubby isn't quite sure what to think, Teensy says that it is pretty when it's short but does not want to cut hers short, Bubba gave me a big smile and liked it, co-worker laughed loudly but ultimately said it was different, older co-worker that wasn't expected to notice at all did notice tight away and said it looked good, boss's husband was caught saying I look like a movie star while on his cell phone headed out of the office.

Anyway, I have been watching my counter go up every day so I know you people are out there reading. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Until the next post...look for the little things (and the drastic changes)!

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