Tuesday, May 20, 2008

White Men...can laugh!

I love a really good insult. Without a mean spirit behind it. Ones that are said out of love and jut to be funny. I have often been the butt of those jokes but anytime that someone gets a good jab in, I laugh and commend them on their wit ((like when dear hubby said, just the other day, "I am going to go out and start unloading. You just stay here and do what you do best...you know hop n your broom and fly around!" I laughed my ass off because I knew that he didn't mean it intentionally)) I heard the best ever insult said in the most loving way the other night and I wanted to share it.

The setting: Blackness abounds in the forest. The stars are abundant overhead and can be seen through the tops of the trees. A circle of tents forms around many people standing in small groups, huddled in long fleece coats of varying colors around a dim and dying fire. The conversation amongst the few that stand by me is about the darkness.

T-MAN: Someone should do something about that fire. It is so dark out here that no one can see anyone else's face.

ME: What do you mean? Everyone can see you!

T-MAN fingers his platinum hair and knows full well that he is as white as a white boy can possibly get while smiling a little self-conciously.

KIT: Yeah, your momma made you with a built in glow stick. ((said nonchanlantly tossed over a shoulder while staring at the fires dying embers))

T-MAN: What?

Yeah, he totally pretended to not hear the insult (although he did laugh when he really did hear what she said). I had to cross my legs and stand still so as not to pee myself with laughter! Good one, Kit. It's a good thing T-Man knows you love him or else he may have pummeled you with his maracas!!! Best moment of the whole night!

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