Friday, April 18, 2008

This can't be my kid!!!

Wow, my first day with a blog and I already have something to blog about!!! This is sooooo exciting!!!

Teensy is my 5 year old daughter. Okay, she is almost six. She has her daddy's laid back demeanor---when she's not sporting my attitude problem---but she has a wacky side all her own.

Teensy has this incessant need to touch the ceiling. Yeah, I thought it was weird, too. She will come up to me and look up through her long lashes with her big, brown eyes, put her arms in the air and say "I wanna touch that". “That” being whatever is high enough to be way beyond her reach and usually beyond mine as well—the ceiling with it’s popcorn texture in the entry way at daycare, the black wrought iron corner thingy’s (nice technical term, huh?) in the kitchen doorway, the wainscoting surround the cupboards in Grandma’s kitchen, etc. She is so far past the adorable state that I can't refuse those eyes when they are trained in such a piercing way and shooting straight at my heart, so I muscle her up over my head high enough for her to touch the thing for a millisecond before my arms give out and I almost drop her to the floor. Then she's happy and goes about her business. Are you kidding me? My back is being abused by picking up 50 pounds of small child every time she gets the urge to feel a new high up surface and she can’t even stay to talk about it with me for a minute! What is with that?

This morning, Teensy saw chocolate in the cupboard and went completely beserk. I mean like eyes popping out of her head, scary smile plastered to her face, standing in a position leaning so far forward that I never figured a person could stand that way without falling over onto their face, tazmanian devil look-alike kind of beserk. Chanting “chocolate, chocolate, chocolate” until I thought I had lost her to the dark side. The apperant craving passed just as quickly as it had come though and I looked over and she was rubbing her butt on the wall! Seriously, I couldn't make this shit up. She was backed up against a wall, leaning forward and rubbing her butt on it like she had an itch (kinda like a bear does with a tree trying to scratch their backs). It was irresistably funny. Holy cow!!! I bust out laughing which must caused her to do it more and laugh hysterically at the same time.

This can definitely not be my kid. She must get this crap from her father because I do not have an incessant need to touch the ceiling, go beserk over chocolate and rub my butt on the wall! WTF! Okay, so yeah, I guess I do kinda reach beyond my grasp sometimes and I do love chocolate and the craving sometime hits pretty hard and I do like the bears on the Charmin commercials and it wouldn’t be that far-fetched to catch me acting like them on occasion. Okay, okay...she is sooooooo my kid. :)

...remember to watch for those little things!

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Manic Mom said...

She's cute with cute quirks!