Friday, April 18, 2008

Start it up!!!

This is me starting a blog.

I have been reading a bunch of online blogs lately. Things that people have written about their lives and not the boring “this is what I did today” kind of blog but the kind of blog that shows the humor in everyday life. The little things that make this life worth living. You know…the fun stuff that people would actually want to read.

I have started several of my own over the years (but always let them fall to the wayside after a very short amount of time) but as blogging becomes more popular and I get more to say and start finding my voice to say it, the idea of blogging starts to stand out more to me. Who knows? Maybe it will even help me with my writing skills and one day I can actually get a book out there and published to be read by others…that is of course, if I ever stop procrastinating long enough to get past the first chapter!!!

So stay tuned for what I hope to be interesting (usually) insights into my “little world” (that is, of course, a reference as to what goes on in my head---scary, I know, but you may just enjoy yourself.)

And's the little things that count, so watch for them!

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