Monday, April 21, 2008

Things That Make Me Say "WTF"!!!

In case you live under a rock, or are so ancient that you don’t know what the lingo is nowadays---get a clue!---, that title would be “Things That Make Me Say What The Fuck!!!”

Where this world is headed? I mean, jeeze, people, wake up!!!

1) Everyone knows that when you order checks they come in those cute little boxes that you just have to save after they are emptied because you just know that someday you will find a use for the hundreds of identical boxes that you have saved and neatly stacked (yeah right!) inside a bigger box in the corner of that back room that never sees the light of day let alone gets cleaned out, err, I mean, storage room. Well, guess what. Apparently one company did not get the memo!!! The checks came in a plastic bag for crissake and here’s the kicker…there was an “assemble it yourself” box inside of said environment killing plastic bag!!! Now seriously folks, WTF! Setting aside the fact that they are using plastic when it obviously doesn’t need to be used, the little boxes have been the way of receiving checks for so long that who are they to change the “pre-destined order of things”! Come on, now. Just do it the same as everyone else and stop wasting things that shouldn’t be wasted…like our environment!! Like the company can't pay their personnel for the two minutes that it would take to put together the box for me? I don't have two minutes in my day to assemble the box myself and on top of all that, the box that they sent me to assemble myself is an inch too long for the checks! That means, in case you haven't figured it out yourself, that it won't fit in perfect alignment with the hundreds of others that I have saved!!! Come on, now!!! Time to boycott said company…after sending them an e-mail telling them how utterly asinine they are!!!

2) The other night, we (the hubby and I) were headed out for dinner with friends and we missed our exit on the interstate (hubby driving and normal "man not asking for directions" occasion here). We took a random detour through a cement plant to get to the road that we needed to be on and as we are driving down said detour we come across a stop sign that clearly states that it was a "4-way Stop". I glance around knowing that there are no other cars coming from either direction because we are stopped at a TRAIN TRACK! The were only two ways of traffic...unless of course the train is going to just slow down and stop right there so that us people driving cars illegally throught the cement plant can go through. What kind of moron puts a "4-way Stop" on a railroad track!

I'll have to get back at ya with more things that make me say "WTF" because these two have me so riled up that I can't think of anything else right now!!!

...and don't forget to notice the little things!

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