Monday, April 21, 2008

Trash Can is finally here!!!

Trash Can has finally come into the land of the living and gotten herself a real name. :)

My neice was in town visiting when she was about 4 months pregnant or so. She is a small girl so she wasn't showing just yet. Among my barrage of questions about her pregnancy, I asked her what the baby's name was going to be. Her, being the smart ass that she can sometimes be and not wanting to reveal the names that she had so laboriously picked out, replied, "Trash Can". The nickname stuck and the baby has been lovingly referred to as Trash Can ever since. I know, I know. What a name to be saddled with!?!

Funny before-birth nicknames seem to be a trend in my family. My neice (the same as mentioned above) was called "Who's It?" before blessing us with her presence leading to the family joke of saying "Who's It's? having "Trash Can"!!! We called my son "B" because we couldn't settle on a name and the ultrasounds were inconclusive as to his sex (damn kid crossed his legs!!!). I on the other hand was "Carl Fred". I know what you're thinking...holy cow! Who would name a baby that? Well, my mom, for one. She was so serious about bestowing upon me that horrific name that when I heard her murmurs from deep within her womb it scared the tally-whacker right off of me!!! From that day on I was a girl. :)

Anyway, Trash Can is now Cloe Marie and she joined us this afternoon. I just can't wait to get to see her and hold her and love on her. Another new baby in the family to make me realize that time is slipping by way to fast for me. *sniffle*

There's another little thing to marvel at!
...don't forget to watch for your little things!!!

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