Monday, April 28, 2008

A brand new piece of artwork!!!


Okay, so it was only an auction and yeah, in all fairness, I was the only bidder, but I still feel like a winner. This is what I bought and I can't wait to have it hanging in my house!!! >>>>>> >>>>>
It is an original piece of artwork by Michelle Brownlow over at My Semblance of Sanity and half of what I paid for it will be donated to a Pediatric Cancer center. She will be putting up more original artwork (she writes children's books) for sale in the future and I am all for helping the kids, so head on over and check out her blog so that you, too, can get yourself a beautiful piece of artwork! Remember, 50% of the money goes to Pediatric Cancer and the shipping is FREE!

Dear Hubby and I took Teensy and Bubba out to a nice dinner the other night because we found ourselves with an evening of no plans...I know, that NEVER happens! We decided on Olive Garden (or "the flower place" as Teensy insisted on calling it!) so we got dressed up nice (which meant a t-shirt and jeans for the hubby, a nice sweater for me, a t-shirt with a collar for Teensy and jeans with no holes for Bubba) and headed on out.

We arrived at the restaurant only to wait for 25 minutes before we were seated. Luckily we were given one of those "your table is ready, light up, indicator thingy" (yes, that's a technical term) for the kids to play with. We were seated on a loveseat (all four of us, Teensy on my laP) and the hubby and were in the middle of a conversation when my daughter asked, "Mommy, why is there peanut butter on the wall?". I looked at where she was pointing and sure enough there were globs of brown peanut butter oozing out from behind the plates that were decorating the wall! Okay, so it was actually professional strength glue that had been slopped onto the wall, but we of course told Teensy that the peanut butter was to hold the plates in place. Wonder how long it will take before she tries that one!?! The kids didn't whine, fight or cry during our wait for a table (maybe that was because we saw a boy dragged out of the restaurant by what was presumably his mom and dad whimpering and crying and throwing a fit and they were scared into behaving...maybe not).

Let me just say that Olive Garden is the best place ever to take my kids to eat. All-you-can-eat salad and breadsticks is like heaven to those two!!! They would prefer salad to meat any day of the week (yeah, someone we raised a couple of rabbits!) and the peach flavored tea that I made them get was a hit with both! They only asked once where the Ranch Dressing was for the salad and we devoured the whole bowl in a matter of minutes. In the middle of biting into a breadstick, I saw Teensy made a face. I know that she loves breadsticks (and any other type of bread, go figure) so I asked her what was wrong. She opened her mouth and wiggled her tooth. She has her very first loose tooth!!! And it freaks her out. :) Up until the moment that she actually realized that her tooth was loose she was excited to finally be in the "Tooth Fairy Club" with the rest of the kids her age but as soon as it actually became loose, she got upset and would prefer it to stay in it's place. Good thing she got Macaroni and Cheese for dinner so she didn't have to work at chewing anything! The rest of dinner went off without a hitch. Both kids ate just about everything and there was only one trip to the bathroom. Good times were had by all. *sigh*

After dinner we tortured ourselves by allowing the kids to spend their "spending money" at what people refer to as "the scourge or the planet" (yeah, I mean Wal-Mart). Walking up and down every toy aisle trying to decide exactly how to spend the $8.00 of hard earned and saved money was hell for us adults. My kids can not make up their minds! Ever. We ended up with Pokemon cards and some type of action figure thing for Bubba and Little Pet Shop things for Teensy...and that only took us an hour to find!!! Mental not follow up great dinner with shopping at Wal-Mart. You WILL get cranky and start yelling obscenities at someone and that makes the hubby mad!!!

So, that was my weekend of little things. Add to that list>>
...I got a great picture of me holding my new great-neice and she was adorable.
...dearest hubby took the kids home, bathed them and put them to bed so that I could stay longer to play cards with my sisters. Girl Scout troop (I am a co-leader for my daughter's Brownie troop) sold all of our boxes of cookies at a cookie booth.
...dear hubby kept up on the laundry while I was out running all weekend.
>>and you get a pretty decent weekend of little things!

Keep on the lookout everyone! Little things are everywhere!

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Oh you got Michelle's artwork!!!! YAY!!!