Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Earning a set of angels wings...

My religious beliefs are as varied as the day is long.  Wow, that sentence makes me sound old, but it's pretty much the truth.  I try to keep those thoughts and beliefs to myself 99.9% of the time with the exception of letting you know that I may not believe what you do and you should therefore, respect that fact and not try to push your beliefs on me. 

This is not a post about religion.  I swear it's not. 

I am going to let you in on a little known fact about me and religion though.  I believe that when a person dies they go to heaven.  They sit amongst the clouds with their perfect sparkling bodies and converse with each other in endless conversations (only I would think that heaven is talking all. the. time!).  The are no longer in pain nor are they sad.  It's a constant state of contentment, happiness and joy in a place surrounded by loved ones from their earthbound lives as well as new loved ones. 

I believe in this because I have to believe in this. 

Especially now. 

Especially when a 3 -year old boy is taken from a community that loved and cherished every ounce of his little body.  When a small child who spent every day of his life on Earth fighting to live and breathe is called up to that place in the sky to receive his angel wings and his glittery dusting of sparkles. 

I have to believe that this little boy has a magical place to settle into because his parents are grieving.  This town is grieving.  A child is gone, too soon.  Way too soon. 

And we are once again in mourning. 

Please take the time to say a prayer or make a donation to your favorite charity today in the name of children everywhere who are dying long before their time.  And in the name of the parents who must stay on this Earth and mourn the loss of a child. 

My Girl Scout troop will continue their collection of aluminum pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House Charities in the name of this amazing 3-year old and his family in the hopes that other families in similar situations can benefit from their kindness. 

May you Rest in Peace, little man. 

And please feel free to converse with Geri.  She has great stories to tell. 


Cassy Lu said...

what happened?

J... said...

The 3-year old child of a couple that I graduated with passed away on Monday night from brain cancer after a very long and drawn out battle.