Thursday, February 19, 2009

I got a new layout and all you get is...

Today you get bullets! Fun for you!

  • I was tired of my eyes screaming at me everytime I opened my blog so I changed the layout. It took me many hours to get it at all the way I wanted it and I still might not be happy.

  • Miss Insanity has come up with the perfect murder icicle. Yep. Genius, right? Except that now I told her secret so everyone will be looking at her as the suspect in the stabbing murder of someone's mom! It seems like she isn't the first to think this up though! Miss should read this book for ideas!
  • I tried my hand at from scratch layouts today and with her ideas came up with a new layout for Lady K. Hop over and check it out and let her know how much you love it!

  • I have a conference with both of my kids' counselors tonight. We are going to discuss their progress in the grieving department and see what else we can do. I'm nervous as heck about what they are going to say. I just don't want to cry.

  • Teensy has sold 160 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Her goal is 200. She hasn't sold to immediate family yet and we now have two definite cookie shops set up so I think she'll make her goal.
  • I have actually had things to do at work and multi-tasking has been fun this week. Wish it could be this way always.

  • I was home all day on tuesday with a deadly migraine headache which meant a four day week at work. I think all weeks should be four day-ers.

  • I wasn't able to attend a Lia Sophia jewelry party held by one of the other daycare moms so I browsed through the catalog and bought this beautiful piece of jewelry for way more than what I intended to spend!
  • I am not the only one in my immediate surroundings that has a touch of OCD! From restacking hamburgers if they are done wrong to counting steps, the people around me are just as wacky as I am!!! I now feel an abnormal way. :)
  • I signed up for a Community Education Class on Creative writing. And i am a little scared about that. I've never taken a writing class before and I don't know if I will be any good.

And that is about it for today. I know I haven't posted all week but my brain just isn't thinking in terms of creative blog posts. So deal.


Crazy Lady said...

We are in full Cookie Mode here too. Last year we sold 680 - but we are no where near that this year. Only 300 ish. That's still a lot! But our girls are earning money for Disneyland - so we are working our tushes off to get them there!

AmyD said...

Oooo, I love the layout! Those colors are so soothing!