Thursday, January 15, 2009

Can you see me now!?!

Okay so I am not entirely happy with this new layout. I am all about the pink and adding a bit of black always allows for a slimmer looking physique but this...this is just all too jarring! I went from a warm and inviting layout to something that makes you want to bore your eyes out at first sight. Argh!

Why don't I change it, you ask? Well, my dears, the free website at which I find my most wonderful layouts is down. It had up a few new Valentine's day layouts and I tried them all out to no avail. I just didn't like them. This was the one I settled on when I realized that I could no longer access my old layout. I reapeat. Argh!

So until the website is back up and I can get a new and better layout or I learn how to make my own HTML codes, this is what we are all stuck with. I apologize for the burst of so much color. I promise to tone it down soon. :)


Crazy Lady said...

I sort of like the new look. It's young. It's hip. It's fresh!

AmyD said...

It's not that bad. It goes with Valentine's. I mean, if you did this for Easter I might be thinking, Oh my! Is she crazy?

But you didn't, so it's alllll good!

J... said...

Why thank you ladies. I appreciate the compliments. I guess now that I look at it a day later, it will be okay. I only wanted it up for a month anyway, right? So I can deal.

Plus I need to stop procrastinating with my blog and actually get some work done!