Saturday, December 13, 2008

And the research begins...

Have I told you all that I am going to Germany? Yes? No? Well, I about 7-8 months. And that means that I better start researching and planning now. That isn't a very long time!!! I have a million things to do and plan and get ready and, and, and... OMG!! I am already overwhelmed!

So, why do I bring this up? Because I am EXCITED!!! Well, that and I found out that my trip is going to be way better than I had originally hoped.

My heritage is German and Norwegian although the German side is the only one that ever gets attention...well, except for that book filled with Norwegian stories, folklore and recipes that I gave to my mom as a souvenir from Disney World back in February, that I am sure she has probably never even opened...and other than the occasional urge to through in some old time traditions to the holidays, I have never really been one to delve that deeply into where my ancestors came from.

But now the research has officially begun. Well kinda. I just received a letter from my paternal grandfather who upon learning of my upcoming trip to Germany told me that there was a hotel there belonging to and named after our ancestors! Really! How cool is that? So there is one more destination that I am interested in seeing upon my 2 week stay there. But I most likely won't get the chance to see said namesake hotel.
Hubby and I only have 2 weeks in Germany (including the travel time which will be a day there and a day back) and that is already pushing our budgeting a bit. We are going to visit my best friend, Josie and Dear Hubby's Sister, her husband and their kids. They all have a million places they want to take us to see including the castle that Disney's Cinderella Castle is based on and the Nurburgring race track. They also want to take us to Paris on the train. Sounds wonderful, right?

Well, I also found out that my little sister and her family will be transferred to Vicenza, Italy with the Army in March of 2009 and it happens to be only 8 hours away from where we will be staying so we have to bop on down to see the Italian countryside for a few days as well.
If we are doing all of that, why, do you ask, can't we go to the Reichs K hotel? Because it is 6 hours in the opposite direction of where we are going to be exploring! Argh! Guess I will have to be doing some more research to fit it all in! Beware of the next seven months of posts on Germany sights that I want to see.

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