Monday, November 3, 2008

Tagged for a MeMe...kinda

Michelle at My Semblance of Sanity tagged all of her readers for a MeMe. So what that she didn't tag me personally. I am not one to resist doing such a time-consuming, ridiculous thing in an attempt to waste time, so...


1) I have absolutely no clue what a MeMe is or means although I have seen them all over the blogoshpere. My guess is that they are just all about the author and that is why they call them a MeMe. And I think they are fun to do so tag me for one anytime you please.

2) I have an obsession with calendars. I have one on my desk, one on my MySpace page, two on my refrigerator, one on my wall in the kitchen and one in my purse. They all have the exact same things on them sometimes even stupid things like "got off work early" or "Hubby working on car". Why? I guess I may just want to know that kind of stuff when I am old and gray and am telling stories while in my rocker on my front porch.

3) My life consists of vast amounts of nothingness at times and I fill that time reading blogs and playing around on the computer. So if you have any interesting blogs that you would like me to read, just leave the web address with your comment and I will come and check you out and probably even put you in my list of blogs to read on a daily basis.

4) I used to drink Coca-Cola at least once a day. I recently switched to Mountain Dew which is a bad thing because my doctor informed me to stop drinking caffeine back when I had my breast lump scare (of which I tried to find a link to the blog entry but couldn't come up with it after searching forever!).

5) I totally almost forgot to do this blog entry. I started it earlier today and then completely forgot about it amongst all of the playing that I did with pictures this afternoon. I was just watching Frasier with Dear Hubby and jumped up and said "Shit! I forgot my blog entry!"

6) I am a perfectionist who loves organization but craves the look of organized clutter. I have a shelf in my home office that is so full of little trinkets, knick knacks, books and such that it is a dusting nightmare. It's one of my favorite spots in my house.

7) I can't sleep without my hubby home at night. In fact, I have spent exactly one night alone in my house in the five+ years that we have lived here and it was terrifying (the t.v. stayed on all night). And with that said...I am going to go lay down with my man. It's late and I am tired.

Okay, so now I am done with the seven random things so I am supposed to tag some people. I tag...
...Lady K from A Different Kind of Wonderfull although getting her to do it will be difficult!!
...Kris from Blurbs of My Life
...and anyone else interested in doing it (or wasting time!)

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Anonymous said...

Yes that could be quite difficult! What exactly is it that you not expecting me to do because I have no follow through? :)