Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day 2008!!!


Today...election day...my post was going to come later in the afternoon AFTER I had voted because I was going to run down all the issues on our ballot and tell you all how I voted, but...

...I haven't gone and voted, yet. I do have a date with my husband for a lunch time voting session. However...

...I needed to do a little head clearing right now and that is where you, the blogoshpere, come in. So get comfortable. Ready? Okay.

I DON'T KNOW HOW TO VOTE!! Okay, not how how to vote. I know that you have to color in a little bubble next to the way you are voting but I don't know who to vote for! And I am cranky and freaking out about this.

You see, I didn't watch the presidential debates. I didn't pay attention to the ads. I did go online and look up each candidates stance on the issues and decided which one seemed to fit in best with which direction I want this country to head in. And with that research and a gut feeling, I believe I know who I am voting for. BUT...I am scared!

What if I vote for Obama and he turns out to be the terrorist bringing the end of days as the radical christians want me to believe? What if his group of extremist friends have more say in our government than they should? What if we end up in a poverty stricken hell hole because I helped put Obama in the presidential seat?

On the other hand...what if I vote for McCain and he has a heart attack the second after he gets sworn in from all the excitement? That leaves Palin as our president and OMG people! Can you really imagine a woman president? 12 weeks out of the year that woman would put us through hell as she rides her PMS tirades. I can only imagine the violence she could issue seeings how she is already a hockey mom. That is one-quarter of the year. 1/4 of the time, this country will have to watch it's back because of the PMSing president. And that says absolutely nothing for what other countries will have to endure. I mean really. America would be like Palin's baby and other countries would be the gal at the grocery store that bagged her groceries wrong. Can you imagine the wars we would be in? The bombs she would drop during that quarter of a year when she is rightfully bitchy? That is a bit scary to me.

So lets say that I vote for McCain and he doesn't kick the bucket right away. Am I really interested in an ancient war vet running the country? I am 28 years old people. McCain is like 100. How could he possibly understand what my generation wants and needs in this country? He can't. Him and his other extremely old cronies would run the country based on their old fashioned principles and not on what is needed for today. Society has changed, our government has changed and we need to acknowledge that and put someone in who is younger and more versed in the ways of the people that are actually running this country...Generation X.


I am not good at making decisions on my own. I hate to be the only one standing out on that limb and so my MO is to get the opinions and choices of everyone around me and decide based on whether or not I am comfortable with defending my stance. Today I will be voting. I will be voting my gut feeling (which is against my husband's as well as my coworkers stances) and I will be happy...or at least partially comfortable...with that. This is a big election and the stakes are high. I think we need a change and so I am voting for the person that could bring us that. There. I made a decision. Thanks for listening. :)


On the same note at a different level...

My kids voted in school yesterday via sample ballot and Bubba will be walking down to the polling center today to cast his actual Student Vote.

Teensy, age 6, voted for Obama...because he might have a bomb and she would like to see it.

Bubba, age 8, voted for McCain...but against "the pregnant woman" because he doesn't want any babies in the White House. I think he was talking about Palin but I couldn't decipher for sure. He's afraid that Obama will try to take away all guns but I don't know where he got that information.

Both children are extremely set upon their choices and refuse to change their minds...and that makes me proud.

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