Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lazy, daisy days, dreaming of poetry...

I promise I will quit playing in the paint program after this one. Bubba brought home a book from his reading class the other night titled Dinosaur Dinner with a collection of poems by Dennis Lee and there were a few that I just had to share. I love children's poetry and I had never heard of this guy before. His poetry was fun.

The Butterfly

a Dream;

All that we
And all that we

Here for a
And then

On by.

Here's another...

Doctor, Doctor

Doctor, doctor, fix my head:
I’m feeling sick and I’ll soon be dead!

Little girl, little girl, drink some juice:

You think too much and your brain’s come loose.

Doctor, doctor, here’s a dime:
You saved my life for the forty-second time.

That one was surely written just for me considering my total hypochondriac tendencies!

And the last...

Three Tickles

Pizza, pickle
My little guy
Shall have a tickle:

One for his nose,
And one for his toes,
And one for his tummy
Where the hot dog goes.

My kids really are too big for this but Teensy adored it the other night. Especially when I personalized it just for her!

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